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"On September 27, 1985, Pope John Paul II approved and confirmed the “Norms approved by the Catholic Bishops’ Conference of the Philippines for the Local Implementation of Some Provisions of the New Code of Canon Law”. These were published in the November - December 1985 issue of CBCP Monitor (Vol. VI, No. 6), pp. 32 - 43. The complementary norms for Canon 1253 (on penance) are as follows:

Can. 1253: Other Forms of Penance as Substitute for Abstinence
Except on Good Friday and Ash Wednesday, abstinence may be substituted with exercise (sic) of piety, such as reading the Bible, going to Mass, visiting the Blessed Sacrament, praying the Holy Rosary, or with acts of charity, such as visiting the sick and prisoners, giving alms to the poor, teaching catechism. " - http://phili ppineromancatholic.blogs

As stated above, abstinence could be substituted by exercises of piety. So it means that I can eat pork as long as I would do some exercise of piety, right?

Why not both?


Do you live in the Philippines?

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Yeah. Yes, I am.

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Yes, correct

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Then if that’s what your bishops’ conference has decided and it’s been approved by the Holy See, yes, it’s an option for you.

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I also live in the Philippines. While it is correct that you would not have to abstain from meat and could substitute another form of penance, priests I spoke to say that abstaining from meat is still the recommended (not mandatory) form of penance.


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