Question about adoption

hi everyone,

sorry if this question comes out wrong.

I’ve noticed that generally an alternative to abortion is suggesting putting the baby up for adoption.

but isn’t abandonment of a child considered a sin?

my apologies if I’m misunderstanding

Ideally, a pregnant woman would parent her child. If a person is unable to care for their child, it is an act of charity to place the child with those who can. It is not inherently sinful to place your child in the care of others, including extended family, or even to give up your parental rights (see Moses). It could be sinful to place your child in the care of others or to neglect your child when you have no compelling reason to do so.

abadonment is dumping your child off somewhere and leaving them. Adoption is a conscious choice of the biological parents to place their child with people that can care for the child. They are not the same at all.

Adoption is an imperfect solution to an imperfect situation.

Biological parents have a natural duty to raise their children, to place their well being above their own. Biological parents will often feel guilt when they cannot raise their children. This guilt is necessary, to motivate capable parents to care for their children.

When raising the children on their own is not possible, the parents must place their comfort on hold, and go through the pain and grief and feelings of guilt that accompanies giving a child up for adoption. In most circumstances, with a well formed conscience, the natural pain of the loss is accepted as the consequence for whatever actions brought the child they could not support into the world.

Abortion is a perversion of parental duty, placing the parent’s convenience above even the child’s life, to avoid the guilt and shame that accompanies being unwilling or unprepared for parenthood.

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