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Sorry if this has been done to death. I was baptised at age 47 in the hospital, during a time when my survival was in question. I was in the middle of RCIA at the time but the priest did not want to wait until Easter in case I died. I was not asked to make a confession beforehand. Do I need to go back and try to remember all my many pre-baptism sins and confess them now? I know I should have asked at the time, but I was more preoccupied with fighting leukemia and was just grateful for the baptism. Thank you for any insight.

Baptism forgives all sins. When you make your first confession you just have to confess the sins you committed since your baptism.

Thank you Joann. I’m glad, cause that would have been one looooong confession and my pastor is up in years!

When you rejected the evil one and you were infused of the Holy Spirit you were “washed” of your sins.
Now it’s “only” a matter of walking the narrow path :thumbsup:

Once you are baptized, all of your sins are forgiven. You don’t need to make a confession of them. You only have to mention the sins you committed after baptism.

Hi, Debbie. Welcome home!

Baptism does wipe your soul clean of all sin, and forgiven sins are forgiven; they need not be mentioned once you’ve been absolved of them, as you were. However, I’m guessing that before and after entering RCIA, you likely thought a great deal about what to include in your First Confession. If those things are still on your mind–and, especially, if they’re bothering you–very definitely you should feel free to make an appointment with your priest and discuss them with him. He’s heard it all before, so you won’t be shocking him, and you may feel better about it afterward. Since you missed the opportunity of making your First Confession, he also can tell you how to proceed in the future, in case you’ve been wondering or apprehensive.

Best wishes to you!

Thank you all very much! I’ve made several confessions since that time, and dealt with some things that bothered me. Now I always worry about sins that I’ve forgotten! Since finding this site I have a better understanding of mortal sin and manage to avoid most of them. I’m amazed at how finding my way into the Church has lessened, and in many cases eliminated, my desire for the wrong things I used to do that I thought made me happy but only caused pain and shame. People say Catholicism is too restrictive. I’ve found it to be very freeing.

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