Question about baby's baptism- need opinions


I have a 2 month old who is ready to be baptized, but we don't have family around here and i am not good friends with anyone in our church. we have sort of "used up" several of our family members already as godparents for the other kids. i would like to ask my brother and his wife to be godparents, but they live about 7 hours away and have a 2 year old.

do you think it's ok to ask them to be godparents, eventhough they would have to drive so far and possibly get a hotel (if they don't want to stay here)? i'm a little scared to ask them because i dont want to impose. but we are out of options for godparents.


id ask, it would be an honor, if they say no, no biggie.

you can always use the same "used up" godparents.

both of my childrens godparent is the same person and she has like three or four other godchildren.


Your brother and sister-in-law can be godparents even though they can't be physically present at the ceremony. You just need their agreement in writing. The pastor or his designate on the parish staff can guide you through this process when they find out what you need. You can have a proxy to stand in for them at the actual ceremony.


The godparents do not have to be physically present at the Baptism. If you want to ask your brother and his wife, go ahead. Just make it clear that you don't expect them to make the trip and incur expenses but if they want to come, it would be great too.


Our son, who is due in May, will most likely have the same Godparents as our Daughter. I trust them to help spiritually raise one kid why not the other too.


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