Question about becoming a decon


I live almost 200 miles from the nearest seminary. Instead of traveling weekends for schooling can i just live at the seminary until my studies are complete? How long would this take? What would be the cost? If in the seminary would I be allowed to come home on weekends ect?


If you are asking about becoming a permanent deacon the programs vary a bit. Contact your diocesan offices.

In my diocese, the diocese holds classes on weekends for the deacon candidates. Costs for the classes are paid for by the diocese but we have to purchase our own supplies.


You need to contact your diocesan Office for Vocations and ask them these questions. Every diocese is going to be a little bit different.


That is true.

In some diocese, like frizzgrig’s, have weekend classes. Others. like mine, classes are taken as regular evening classes at the Seminary and are generally a mix of seminarians, diaconal students and students seeking pastoral ministry certifications\degrees.


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