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Hi, I’m 34 years old and I’ve been a “catholic” my whole life. Recently, I’ve started reading the bible and attending mass and actually paying attention to what’s going at in church. I feel overwhelmed with all the books in the bible and sometimes I don’t understand what I read. Recently I purchased several books (through my iPhone Kindle) that have been very helpful (“Catholic Commentary on Sacred Scripture”). These books help me understand the message a little bit more because they dissect section by section of the books in the new testament. BUT not all the books of the new testament are available!!!

I’ve looked online for helpful websites that offer the catholic perspective in their commentary and have not been able to find any good ones. Recently I found one belonging to a “Bible-Based” church that’s pretty good and dissects section per section. I would love to read it but I’m afraid that it might confuse my catholic faith. The website is Today I heard a catholic song about John 4,1-26 about the Samaritan woman and did a little research. I looked for material online and the best I found was the soniclight website. Should I read it or what other resources such as soniclight do you recommend? Here’s some of the material from regarding John 4,1-26.


It is a protestant site, so they do not have all of the books of the Old Testament. I checked the commentary on Matthew 16, and he does indicate that Jesus may very well have named Peter as the rock, but then he also mentions alternative versions, which, not being defined precisely, can confuse. For a Catholic, there are far better sources available.

Here is an excellent source, but their materials cost. They are excellent for a parish bible study.


Yes CSS is excellent even for individual study.

Catechism Class is a little cheaper alternative…

and an excellent free Catholic Bible study is here…


Best catholic bible study site on the internet…it’s totally free and they have soooo much material.

They have a handful of classes to study through and they are grouped into levels :beginners, intermediate etc etc .

It’s the best!

They even have video lectures.



I have a site called the Aquinas Study Bible which has a lot of Catholic commentaries on Scripture. Its a good reference tool since it gives you numerous opportunities to seek insights from the Early Church Fathers and later Bible commentaries from saints and great Catholic theologians. Being completely free is not so bad either! The link is below.


Speaking of Aquinas, I must mention that Veritas Bible has both the Haydock Commentary (coordinated with the Douay-Rheims Bible) as well as the Catena Aurea (Saint Thomas Aquinas’ collection of Church fathers’ comments on the Gospels).




You can try these as well.


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