Question about bringing the Holy Eucharist to others


My grandmother is too weak and ill to go to Mass most of the time but she also feels awkward asking someone at her local parish to bring her the Holy Eucharist. I have been considering purchasing a pyx and bringing the Holy Eucharist to her (on Sundays at least).

But my question is this, is there anything I need to do beyond getting permission from my parish priest in order to bring the Holy Eucharist to someone who can’t attend Mass? I am not an EMHC, do I need to be one in order to do this?

Also, I’ve been looking online and it seems like every pyx I find is lined with plastic inside. Is this acceptable? Or should I continue searching until I find a pyx that is lined both inside and outside with a precious metal?


You should be trained in some way. Talk to your priest. Any priest should be enthusiastic about your wanting to become a minister of communion to the homebound.

You need to know the protocol, and there is usually a little ritual for the person receiving communion. Sometimes a prayer is said, a reading from the Gospel, a candle might be lit, etc. The Church might even have a pyx you could borrow until you get your own. You might want a burse too.

Some people are ministers of communion at Church, others to the homebound and some both. Some only do it for a short time for a loved one. It depends on the pastor. Your best bet is going to be to speak to someone at the Church. I’d grab the priest’s ear after a weekday Mass and ask.



Ditto on the ask the priest or church about borrowing a Pyx. I know when my wife’s grandmother was quite ill, we took her communion each Sunday and the Church loaned us one. We were already EMCH’s so we didn’t have to worry about IF we can do it. I do know of others in our parish who are not EMCH’s who have a Pyx and do take that to their loved one’s. I’m not sure if they had to ask our pastor about doing this or not though.

YBIC - John


Thank you both for your advice. :slight_smile:


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