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I have a question about car insurance. I lost the card they send for you to have in your dash for proof of insurance (and I am going to order another) If I put the insurance papers in the dash will it be om for me to drive? Will that count as proof of insurance?


Yes, that will work but make sure not to lose the papers and order the card. When I first bought my car, the insurance company I used did not send a card until the insurance came up at six months. Since I bought the insurance online, I was able to keep the receipt in the car until I received the card. So yes, it will count as proof of insurance since it is the papers. Hope that helps.


It also depends on the state you live in. In Wisconsin and South Dakota, insurance is not required so it doesn’t matter in any event.

Some states do require the card to be carried, but check your states laws.

As a Sheriff’s Deputy myself, I’ll tell you that if you have some form of paperwork, you’ll usually be ok. Of course, I can’t guarantee what some other officer may do. But usually if I make a stop, and there’s a title/registration issue or something…as long as the driver has some sort of paperwork with him so that I know they are working on the issue, I let it go.


Call or email you insurance company and they can send you a new card. :slight_smile:


Depending on what insurance company you have, you might even be able to go to the website, put in your information and print out a card.

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