Question about carrying around a Rosary


I know that we should carry our Rosary’s everywhere and most of the time I do. But the Rosary I carry with me broke (I am burying it tomorrow) and the only other one I got is one a friend gave to me and its fragile and kinda expensive so I hate to carry it cos I don’t want it broke. Is it ok for me to go out and about with out my Rosary until I can a new one in a couple of weeks?


I never knew we were required to always carry one. Can someone clarify this?


We’re not required to.
It’s a very good idea, and I carry mine at all times. :slight_smile:
But there’s no rule that says we have to.
Don’t worry about it, Truck. Just get a new one when you can.


Or get some black 1mm VB cord or similar and make yourself one that can’t break or corrode or chafe pocket linings, and will happily go through the washing machine if you leave it in a pocket:

If you make even the crucifix out of the cord, rather than add a bought one, you have the perfect carry-at-all-times rosary that will last more-or-less forever. And cord is so cheap you can make yourself a few for only a couple of dollars.


I found this to be an issue, so, I started crocheting little pouches for Rosaries. They keep the Rosary protected in purse or pocket. If you PM me, I will mail you one :slight_smile:


That is so cool!! I’m gonna save that website.


I have this metal rosary… it has 10 bumps around it and has a small cross sticking out of it and The Blessed Virgin in the middle. It fits in your palm… I am not sure what it is called but it is very heavy duty, can fit in a wallet or pocket, and it’s always there with me :slight_smile:


I don’t carry my rosary with me… I just use my fingers! :smiley:
But DH likes to carry his… He found a great rope rosary (similar to the one posted on the link above… only it’s purchased, not made at home)… it’s great because it can go through the wash (and HAS many times) without getting destroyed!


I have purchased a Rosary Card (like a credit card). I love it. I carry it in my wallet.


Those are called “Finger Rosaries”


I saw some finger rosaries online with actual beads. This one doesn’t have beads… but it would still make sense to call it a finger rosary. They rock!


Hi ‘Truck’, God bless you! :slight_smile:

We are not required to carry a rosary around with us. If you choose to, it is certainly fine but not a requirement. Many folks have made good suggestions for you to consider in regard to more easily portable rosaries to take with you in your travels.

:slight_smile: Kelly


this post has been very useful.

DH and I always carry our rosary. We like to think of it as our weapon againts evil and never want to be caught unprepared.

I keep mine in a pouch and it stays well. Never brakes. However, DH just keeps it in his pocket and so far he has gone through 3 rosaries. He wont use a pouch cause its too girly.

I am going to share the link above with him so that he can just make his own.


I carry my rosary in my purse in a little pouch I bought at St. Patrick’s Cathedral in NY.

On a side note, my grandfather is in a nursing home and was constantly carrying around his good rosary in his pants pocket. He would forget to take it out (he has dimensia) and it would get washed so my mom had to take it from him. When I went through RCIA they gave me a cloth one that I gave to my grandfather. If it’s washed, it’s not destroyed so he can carry it with him always.


We aren’t required to carry our rosary with us, but if one does, it’s a good idea to have an “everyday” rosary and a “good” rosary for special occasions.

The rosary your friend gave you sounds like a “good” rosary. Keep it in a speical place in your home, and use it when you can.

Your everyday rosary should be durable. The ones from Rosary Army are very durable. Finger rosaries are also good.


Stop!! Don’T bury it. Most rosaries can be repaired, and as long as there are more old beads than new after being fixed they don’t even have to be re-blessed.



I do decorative nautical ropework and actually found the website through a knot tyers forum link to a company that supplies twine for rosaries, amongst other kinds of cordage. If you’re used to handcrafts, you can make a rosary quicker than you can say one, and they really do last forever. My monkey fist house/car key fob in VB cord has been used daily for 15+ years and only shows slight wear from split ring chafe, so I can’t see a rosary wearing out. Another advantage is that it’s easy to make “large print” versions for elderly people or those who have trouble gripping small beads, just by using slightly larger cord.


According to Sister Francis Aloysius (5th grade) if you died and didn’t have a rosary with you, you would not go to heaven. So as a result, I have rosaries all over the place. First thing after I get dressed in the morning, I put my rosary in my left front leg pocket. One day I went out the door to go to the Turkey Hill and realized I forgot my rosary. I went right back in and got it. My rosary has been hiking in Rocky Mountain Nat’l Park. It has flown over Acadia Nat’l Park. It has been to Nova Scotia and all over the western US. This year we are going back to Colorado. Like the card commercial "I don’t leave home without it"


I am looking a new Rosary to carry in my pocket everywhere I go (in a rosary pouch) would this one be a good one for that?


According to Sister Francis Aloysius (5th grade) if you died and didn’t have a rosary with you, you would not go to heaven.

Yikes! And people complain about bad catechesis now…

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