Question about Catholic higher education



Merry Christmas to all in the place where we stay inForumed (wow, my very first post, and I’m sure your opinion of me has already plummetted :wink: ). Anyway, I just have a question with which some could hopefully assist. This may not be the most appropriate forum in the first place, but here goes: okay, I want to pursue a doctorate in theology, but am not really sure what route to take. Would I have more/better employment options after attaining an M.A. and subsequently and Ph.D., or would the ecclesiastical path of S.T.B., S.T.L., and S.T.D. be the more intelligent route? I would really enjoy teaching at a seminary level if possible, but would be open to other alternatives, as well. What do you all think?


If you’ve got the ability to teach theology at seminary level then it doesn’t really matter what your formal qualifications are. The decision will be made on your publication record.

If you want to teach at a lower level then the MA / PhD route is one that most employers will be more familiar with.


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