Question about celebrity "godparents"

This is regarding the news that Mindy Cohn (best known as Natalie from The Facts of Life) is godmother of two of Brad Pitt and Angelina Jolie’s kids, probably the twins. My first question is isn’t Angelina an athiest? I’ve heard other people say that about her but I can’t recall her ever saying it in an interview. I know she was raised a Catholic and had a First Communion (her father Jon Voight is a practicing Catholic after many years) and I believe I’ve read Brad was raised Baptist but was not happy with his upbringing. So were the kids baptized? If so in what faith?

This also reminds me of the question of Drew Barrymore’s religion. If Steven Spielberg is her godfather doesn’t that make her a Jew? Also I know she was at one time such a good friend to Courtney Love who I think may be ethnically Jewish (althought Kurt Cobain was not) that she was in turn was godmother of Courtney and Kurt’s daughter Frances Bean. However I’ve never heard anyone say that either Drew or any of the Barrymore’s are Jewish. In other words, can you have a godparent of a different religion than you and can you even have a godparent when you are probably not being raised in any religion? Does my question make any sense to the rest of you?

I think they just give them the name of godmother or godfather to signify a special relationship without actually having a baptism. Totally different from the Catholic understanding of a Godparent.

My mom has two godmothers. My grandmother wanted her best friend to be my mom’s godmother, but she is Jewish. So another one of her friends, who is Catholic, became her godmother. However, my mom always calls my grandmother’s Jewish friend “Madrina” (Spanish for Godmother).

I agree with Rayne, it’s most likely just an appointed title that they use to show a special relationship.

You’re probably right rayne. According to IMDb Steven Spielberg is also the godfather of Gwyneth Paltrow who I know is Jewish. It also says that both Sophia Loren and Anna Strasberg are Drew’s godmother’s. That’s possible? I’m still not sure about Love’s religion after doing a google search.

I hate to bring up Jennifer Aniston in a thread that’s OP was about Brad and Angelina but given the fact that her father is Greek and her godfather was Telly Savalas she probably did have a Greek Orthodox baptism. So I thought it was interesting that she was the godmother of her friend Courtney Cox’s daughter in her *Episcopalian *baptism Then again given that she’s openly pro-choice I’m not suprised she turned her back on the Orthodox Chuch.

I’m pretty sure that in Hollywood, Godparent means “Really good friend of the baby’s mom and dad” or “Really important person the parents are sucking up to.” It’s like and honorary thing.

I have also heard that it’s expected that the “Godparent” is expected to shell out a whole lotta money on the kid as she or he grows up.

Minus the celebrity aspect, this conversation just happened between a few friends on FaceBook.
A friend (a cradle Catholic) mentioned her daughter’s godfather. He is an open, practicing, non Catholic gay man. Another asked how can he be godfather when he doesnt believe in god? (atheist as well!) The Catholic got all upset and said you dont have to believe in God or a church to be a godparent. All that matters is that you love the child and the parent wants you to take care of them if the parent dies. It doesnt matter what religion they are.

something tells me this idea is more prevalent than we imagine.

I would say that this is a nice summation of the definition at work in many of these celebrity scenarios.

As Rayne said, it is totally different from the Catholic understanding. The only similarity is that the same word is used to describe them both.

It’s really not surprising though. It’s one of those vestiges of Christianity that people really seem to like and do not want to give up even if they no longer believe.

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