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Ok so i dont get the point of the this, on today july 15th, its the memorial of Bonaventure it says and it says use the common of pastors or doctors of the Church, but yet on they dont use them :confused: so whats the point of them, or am i missing something? God bless


Since I’m pretty sure St. Bonaventure is an optional memorial, then the website may be using part of or all of the ferial office.


how do you know when there optional :confused: God bless


Does a Sunday supersede this memorial?


so do you have the option of choosing between the Psalter or the Commons :confused: God bless


Sundays trump all Memorials and Feast not about the Lord. So St. Bonaventure does not get celebrated this year.

Optional Memorials will not have the word “Memorial” underneath the name. St. Bonaventure is an obligatory memorial, but as I said this year it’s not celebrated due to being on Sunday.

For any memorial, you do have the option of using the commons for everything not in the Propers but the psalms/antiphons for the psalms (which are always from the Psalter weekday for a memorial, except if the Proper for the Saint says otherwise - ex. St. Mary Magdalene, which is also on Sunday this year and similarly not celebrated).


CountrySteve, the Proper of Saints often makes a statement such as “From the common of pastors…”, “From the common of martyrs…”, etc. However, in the case of an Optional Memorial or Memorial, this is often misleading, because actually very little is taken from a Common. For the record, the instructions which curlycool89 has corrected cited are found in the Ordinary section of Christian Prayer (i.e., page 685-698). Under the description for each of the various offices, you will see specific rules as to what to do on a holy day depending on its ranking (Optional Memorial, Memorial, Feast, Solemnity).


Yes, as a rule Memorials and Optional Memorials are not observed on Sundays (including Evening Prayer I).


ok cool, thanks for all the answers y’all, it helped a lot, God bless :slight_smile:


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