Question about Collecting/Selling Sports Memorabilia (autos, relics, etc.)

Happy New Year everyone!

I have a question that I could use some help on. A hobby and passion of mine is collecting and selling sports memorabilia, particularly baseball cards. Baseball cards are often autographed and/or have relics of the player (e.g. a piece of the player’s game used jersey or bat) embedded in the card. See attached photos for examples of what I’m talking about (to be clear, the attached photos are NOT my cards—just examples).

While collecting my favorite players is fun, I also enjoy utilizing baseball cards as a form of investment— for instance, buying a card at a certain price with the hope that the card will increase in value at a later time.

My question is the following: Is the buying/selling of sports memorabilia (in my case, baseball cards that include autos or relics) a permissible hobby? I know we are not permitted to sell relics of canonized saints.

My hope of course is that there is no issue here. Certainly, those who partake in this hobby must be careful not to obsess over their collections or take advantage of others.

Thank you for your time. Any insights would be greatly appreciated. God Bless.

Why would it be wrong to possess and sell sports memorabilia? A “relic” of a ball player’s bat or uniform is not the same as the relic of a canonized saint. Just because they call it that doesn’t mean that it’s the same thing.



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