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Hi All,

It’s been a while since I posted here. But I have a question that’s been bugging me for a while. Next year for university, I am going on exchange to North America somewhere (just don’t know yet, till i get my acceptance letter).

But I just wanted to know does anyone know if there is a good Catholic residence (college dorms) at either or near any of these universities. I would really very much like an all girls dorm.

University of Texas, Austin
University of Colorado, Boulder
Nova Scotia college of Art and Design in Halifax (Canada)

Thanks heaps!



No specifically Catholic dorms at

University of Texas (it is a state school - so a Catholic dorm would violate the principle of non-discrimination)

University of Colorado (another state school)

I have no information on the Uni. of Halifax.

At the first two, you may even have dorms that are totally open to both men and women, in the same room.



Yes, I understand. But at my current university and many in the US as well. There are Catholic college Dorms that have associated with the university but are not directly affiliated with the university. Hope that makes sense. So basically being associated means that they are not considered official dorms by the university(and they arent as heavily funded or funded at all by the university). However, they are college dorms for students who attend the university or surrounding universities in the area. So I guess, they tend to be more independent. (gees, I hope I didnt confuse anyone).


Hi lenni

I don't know of any residences per-say but I am involved with the Halifax branch of the Catholic Christian Outreach. If you come to Hali, you should attend some events and you might be able to find some catholic university residences or some housing with other CCO catholic students (CCO is a university/college student movement). I don't know if that particular college is big enough for a catholic dorm, but you may be able to find at least cheap housing with catholic room mates.

Hope that helps :),



OK, I guess I see what you mean. Just know that Austin is a very liberal city, as is Boulder CO. Both are new-age-driven, not traditionally church-oriented. Of course there are Catholic churches, but the primary attitude is more liberal and New Age. So the idea of a religious dorm would go against the main character of the city.


There was Catholic Student Housing at my university. The parish organized it with a parishioner who owned a rental property adjacent to the church. I think your best bet would be to contact the pastor at the Catholic church near the university or the Newman Club to see if they know of any Catholic Student Housing.


Contact the school's Catholic Campus Ministry. They will have the information you require.


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