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This is my first post and I was so grateful to find this forum. Before I ask this question let me give you a little background information so you have a better idea of where I am coming from.

I converted to Catholism in college. After I left college and my beloved Neuman center I felt really lost and was the only Catholic I knew. I drifted away from the church. Eventually I married a Protestant and over time we have started attending Catholic services again. I guess I could say that I feel the Lord calling me back to the Church. The big problem that I have is that while all that was happening I was diagnosed with Celiac’s disease (which means that I can not eat anything containing wheat, barely, or rye). This means that I can no longer take communion. And, in our church they are not offering wine either for communion (due to flu). So, basically, I can not fully participate in the Mass.

This has left me feeling really sad. What is the point of being Catholic if you can’t take communion?? Can anyone offer any advice or tell me how they deal with this situation??
Thank you very much for reading my post and for helping me out.
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Talk to your pastor. The precious Blood is part of every Mass, when it is not offered to the laity the priest who is celebrating must still consecrate and partake of it. So there is a Chalice that you could receive from.

Also, you do not have to receive the Eucharist to fully participate in the Mass.

speak to your pastor, the wine is always consecrated and when he understands your need he can prepare a cup specifically for you, as long as you let him know what Mass you will be attending, and he may even suggest where you should sit to make your reception convenient. he will first of course counsel you about your marriage, help you take whatever steps may be necessary there, and hear your confession.

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You have gotten really good counsel. Also some people with the same allergies will only take a miniscule piece of the Eucharist. Finally, if all else fails you can always recite the spiritual communion prayer which is very uplifting. Finally, you may not be able to ingest the Eucharist but Eucharist adoration is another form of receiving grace. Good luck hopefully your pastor can allow you to partake of the precious blood.

My father has celiac and is a deacon. He does receive both body and blood (bread and wine). In his mind, he is receiving the body of Christ, not the bread. And he has had no problems with it.

I have read somewhere (although I can’t recall where) that there is an option of celiac-compatible host. Speak to your priest and see if he knows about this. Or perhaps you can get the hosts and bring one to Mass with you, asking the priest to set it aside for you somehow. This might not be possible in a really big parish, but it never hurts to ask.

Also, read about spiritual communion. I know it’s not the same, but God has been know to bless people with the same grace they would get from the actual host.

Bottom line - talk to your priest, share your concerns and see if he has a solution.

Celiac disease is not an allergy and those most severely affected simply cannot consume gluten as it causes permanent damage, not merely a temporary allergic reaction. There is also the option of a very low gluten host which can be ordered for you, your pastor can inquire, get the information for your doctor who will know if you can tolerate it. But yes, you can return to communion all it takes is a bit of cooperation, communication and patience.

Here’s the official response on Celiac Disease from the USCCB. Lots of good information here:

A Short Introduction to Holy Communion and Celiac Sprue Disease

The Use of Mustum and Low-Gluten Hosts at Mass

And here’s a more specific implementation of it by the Diocese of Madison

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