Question about Community Flagging


I hope this question is OK.

I have a question about when posts are removed because the community flags them as “offensive.”

How do we know what part of the post was “offensive” to others?

Is there some way to get some actual feedback?

I posted something this morning, and when I was able to sit down this evening and check in at CAF (yay, New Year’s Holiday off work!), it was removed as “offensive.” And I honestly–not arrogantly–but truly cannot imagine what could possibly have been offensive about my post.


I referenced Pres. Trump (in a positive way). Was that what offended people? Why? Or was it something else?

I would really like to know. It isn’t helpful to be told that I have offended people when I don’t know what I said that offended them! I might say the same thing in another post, and get in real trouble next time, and I don’t want that to happen. And I don’t want to keep offending people and hurting them.

Please tell me what I said!

Thanks so much.


I think the only way you may get feedback would be to message a moderator with that request. I believe it isn’t dependent upon an individual member’s idea of what is offensive, although I judge some use the flag as an unlike button, but more upon the forum guidelines. I do see posts hidden rather rapidly, so there must be some automated process in place also.



It just doesn’t seem very helpful, especially on a forum that is supposed to be helping Catholics grow and mature in their faith.

Whenever we discipline a child, we tell the child why they are being disciplined. If my supervisor at work needs to correct some procedure that I am doing incorrectly, she tells me what I am doing incorrectly. She doesn’t just say, “You did that wrong” and leave it at that. If a policeman pulls someone over, he/she has to tell the driver why they are being pulled over. They can’t just hand out a ticket.

I would truly like to know what was offensive about my post. I truly have no idea. This makes me wonder if I have some kind of twisted viewpoint on something that everyone else except me recognizes as incorrect or even, God help me, evil.


That’s a strange way to look at things! :rofl:

Joking. I agree, it’s nice to know why someone has deliberately and possibly maliciously out of spite or umbrage flagged a post or had a thread closed on you. Very upsetting.

That’s my view unless I have actually been rude of course. Imo.

If we say something not in line with Catholic teaching it should be pointed out and possibly a section of scripture or the cathechism should be posted to help someone understand.

No one should be acting as thought police.


There are a lot fewer moderators than there used to be before the forum switch a year ago. I think one of the results of that is that the moderators we do have simply do not have the time to offer such individualized correction.

I can understand why that’s frustrating, particularly when you have no idea what could have triggered it. You can try messaging a moderator about it, but I wouldn’t necessarily expect a detailed reply.


On the old forum, posts would be removed at the discretion of the moderators. I had a number removed. I figured that if I didn’t get an infraction, it was ok.

I think the little message we get currently that a post was removed might not be necessary.

You get the message, and you wonder, “ok what was it? What did I do”.



I truly can’t see anything offensive in my post, except for the fact that it was positive about Pres. Trump. But surely that can’t be it?

I’m just worried that perhaps I used a word or phrase that is considered offensive in circles outside my own family, workplace, parish, and city.


Have you tried contacting @cawebmaster ? I’ve found him/her/them (possibly more than one person uses this handle) to be very kind and helpful when I’ve had questions about the new CAF format.


Who knows. I came across a post that was hidden, not removed. I looked at it and was disturbed to find there was nothing about it any reasonable person would find offensive. I looked at the user’s other posts and found they were all hidden too. There seems to be agenda based flagging that goes on. I don’t know that there is any consequences to such behavior. You may have fallen victim to it. You can see the post below.


Yeah I had a post deleted that i guess upset the liberals. To me it’s a badge of honor. I know I’m getting to them lol.


I notice that particular user is new and has all of their posts flagged. Though I didn’t flag them and have no idea who did, when you see a new user with all their posts flagged it often indicates they’re a suspected sock puppet or duplicate account or there is something going on apart from the content of their posts.


I just don’t want to get banned.

It’s not about the liberals or the Protestants or anyone! I don’t want to be rejected.

Not a good time in my life for rejection. I need Christians in my life, even if they are “internet Christians.” My parish, as delightful as it is during Masses, is not particularly sociable, and all our efforts to make friends have completely failed–we just don’t have any parish friends to hang out with.

And our family at this time is really sad–my husband’s parents are aging too quickly, and Alzheimer’s has made family gatherings more sad than uplifting. And the results of the bad parenting methods of our siblings is bearing its rotten fruit–we are actually kind of afraid of our teenaged relatives–they have been in and out of trouble at school and in their community, and it’s really hard to be with them and feel safe.

And then there’s my work–I want to quit so badly, but I have too many debts and it would be irresponsible to walk away from a really good job just because our upper management is clueless and heartles.

And of course, the state of the nation–I support our President and I’m glad he defeated Secry Clinton. But I won’t pretend that all is well in the U.S.A. at this time in history. We’ve had worse times before (the 60s were scary). But it’s still depressing when you have to worry about being fired, kicked out of an establishment or event, or banned from an internet community, because you agree with the POTUS.

And my own aging–I’m in a lot of pain, but can’t get the time off work to get my joint replaced. Part of that bad management I mentioned. There are many nights when I don’t sleep and that’s why I get up at 3:00 a.m. and go to CAF for some fellowship.

Even the sport that I have loved all my life is a mess! Recently a hugely disappointing announcement was made that basically means i will never see my “dream” (not just my dream–millions of young athletes were hoping for it to happen) come true in my lifetime. Bitter disappointment. And all the “sex” crimes have changed the way the sport is done, and it’s very hard for coaches, parents, and the athletes to actually “do” the sport. It’s all so different and cumbersome now, unless you’re wealthy. It might seem silly to many, but to me, it’s the end of something dear to me.

I hope that the moderators take all these things into consideration when they ban someone. We aren’t trolls or fakers or whatever the current computer term is–we are real people, and if we have no one else to talk to outside, a computer forum is better than being alone. I apologize if once in a while, I let my personal problems affect my posts and they come out offensive or inappropriate.


It’s my understanding that it takes four suspensions or some kind of really egregious behavior to get banned.

Most of us get a post flagged and removed once in a while. If this is your only one, don’t sweat it. There would be a lot of people in the queue to be banned much faster than yourself. Including me.

I personally think the current system discourages people from posting and/or creates a lot of needless anxiety. If I were running the place, banning would be reserved for a small handful of posters who either are obviously trolling/ insulting the Catholic faith, or are insulting/ yelling at other posters, or repeatedly disrupting threads. But, it’s not my circus and not my monkeys. (<—I feel I need to clarify this is a Polish colloquialism I picked up at the office. I am not calling anyone a monkey. )


Was your post a response to someone else’s problematic post? Maybe it contained a quote from someone else’s post that got removed and so they removed yours as well?


The message says the post was flagged by the community. That is the standard message when forum posters flag a post enough times. I believe a new user may have to get only one flag to have his post hidden. I don’t think that we know that we’d see the same message if the user is suspected by the administrators of being bogus, do we?


Typically people from the community notice something potentially bogus about a poster and flag him to the mods. So he would get a few community flags.


I’m late to this topic. I also don’t see why all his posts are hidden, but I can take a guess:

If a trust level zero person posts a thread that enough people in the community think is spam, the thread can be temporarily removed from view. He will also have all his replies hidden, and his ability to post will be suspended until a moderator can deal with the issue. If this is what happened to this poster, we likely cannot see what triggered all these hidden posts.

FYI, this process is a part of the Discourse software. It is not specific to CAF.


Yeah I found a post on Discourse that probably explains it

A new (TL0) user whose post is flagged as spam 3 times from 3 different users will have all their posts hidden as a result.


I don’t think so, but maybe that happened. ??


No, that’s not what happened. It was just one post.

What constitutes a “new user?” I’ve been involved for several months now. Is it a year?

I don’t think it’s right that CAF would use “Discourse Software” without making it very clear to bumpkins like me who still use a flip phone and still watch DVDs. I’m not very technology-smart.

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