Question about Community Flagging


A new user does not have the basic badge. You got it in June 2018. It’s based on time spent on the forum and likes given and received. You might try PMing the moderators to find out why your post was removed.


It has to do with how often you post, but also how often you read threads.

The old format apparently is an obsolete format, this is s new format.


I’m sorry, I was not referring to your OP.

I was replying to exnihilo’s comments about the poster “xwingz”.

With regards to your OP, your only option is to PM @camoderator and ask them why your post was removed.


If your post was deleted, it’s not a good idea to repost it.
If you have a question about why it was deleted (I think it’s a pretty obvious TOS violation), you should privately message the mod, not repost the post that violated the rules.


@Peeps, it’s better to PM myself or camoderator with your inquiry. Otherwise when we’re pinged mid-thread we often have to read the entire thread to understand the context. Could you please provide a link to the post in question. Thank you :slight_smile:


Is this the liink that you need?

Thank you so much for writing me. I hope you can tell me what was offensive about my post.

I’ve had one other post flagged/hidden–it was a link to a SNL skit that I just happened to post the evening before the murder of the Jews in the Pennsylvania synagogue. I had no idea that it would offend people, but I can understand why it was inappropriate on the same day of the murders.



I’d recommend you send cawebmaster a PM.


Sorry, I don’t know his/her email address.

I’m not very computer savvy.


Go to their profile and click Message :email:. It’s very easy.


Sorry to be so stupid. How did you get to that screen? I’ve clicked on everything on this site, and I can’t find a “Big C” that says cawebmaster.

I’m not kidding when I say I’m a computer dunce. Sorry.




Yes, thank you. Ok, so in this case, no one flagged the post. It was automatically flagged by the system because of someone’s name you mentioned: “Dick Cavett”. This automatic flagging helps us catch a lot of forum vandalism before anyone actually sees it. Sometimes, as in this case, it mistakenly detects bad language in a post. If that happens, no worries, just send us a PM and we’ll clear it.

Then there’s also the issue of the automated message which you received being perhaps a bit ambiguous:

Your post was flagged as inappropriate : the community feels it is offensive, abusive, or a violation of our community guidelines.

However, as it is an automated message, the wording is purposefully broad as to put the initial onus on the poster to reflect on what they’ve posted.

Please PM us if a similar situation occurs.


Well, I’m happy that the mystery was solved. Looks like you didn’t say anything egregiously wrong, Peeps. :wink:


That’s good, otherwise we’ll end up with an echo chamber instead of a forum, or where only those who agree with the loudest voices are free to have an opinion.

:rofl: lol


Yes, yay!

I’ve been on other forums when I was younger that flagged that name–it’s too bad. Although I don’t see the name used often nowadays with younger men and boys, I still know a lot of older men who use the name. It’s a shame that we have made something innocent naught.


Yes, that wouldn’t be good. We can’t allow true filth or violence on a computer forum, but if the conversation is tense–that’s not a good reason to censor. We all need to learn to deal with upsetting conversation online and in real life without having an attack of the vapors and requiring a comfort animal to help us!


Thanks so much! I’m relieved it was nothing I said.


I agree, but what’s the comfort animal bit? Ha ha


A comfort animal is what I wish I had at work quite often lately–a cuddly animal who lets me hold and cuddle it and feel safe and comfortable again!

The term came into vogue after Pres. Trump was elected, and many college students had to retreat into “Safe Zones” and hold onto “Comfort Animals” to regain their equilibrium!


Oh, thanks.
I had two posts flagged yesterday for being off topic, normally that wouldn’t happen but I ticked someone off and they’ve forgotten what the Lord said about revenge I think. :slightly_smiling_face:

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