Question about Community Flagging


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It was greatly discussed before the move was made that CAF was changing to the Discourse platform. Maybe you joined long after the changeover. People freaked out. Many left. Some of us really struggled with it. I am pretty used to it now. I especially like the feature that saves your reply if you have to leave or your iPad gets weird on you… It used to gone and you would have to start over.


I just now saw the problem with the post flagging. I had a post removed that asked two questions, “What records? What diagnosis?” and gave some general advice that was nonthreatening. It was flagged by someone and removed without review but with an imperial-esque message.

That’s a silly way to go about things. One could go around flagging anything that even came close to offending them. There are some thin-skinned people around here. I think I’ll stick to the cartoon section… :roll_eyes:

Edit: Also, I would appreciate if they gave a reason the post was removed other than the generic line they provide. Oh, and a list of moderators would be nice so we could email them regarding issues like this…


Here ya go


Thanks a bunch!


It may not be helpful. I was told one time when I inquired that they don’t comment on removed posts. The post in question was removed for being ‘off topic’. I wanted to better understand what constitutes ‘off topic’ as I see many threads going in a hundred different directions. I am all for a tighter focused forum and wanted to understand how to help get there.


How do I contact them? This is my first day back at CA in a few months and I got an automatic message that said my post was flagged. I couldn’t edit it because the content was hidden so I hit the can image to delete it. This is very frustrating. And I was actually complimenting the person mentioned in my post. Sigh…


Likely you hit one of the automatic flag words like Duck spelled with an i. (The Duck van Duke show syndrome)


That’s what happened to me! I mentioned the late host of New Year’s Rocking Eve (aka the “Eternal Teenager”) who I really loved. I was actually complimenting him since the program is not the same without him. I would never insult a deceased person let alone a living person.


P.S. So therefore I can’t mention his name? Is that right?


Just disguise it a bit. The autobot ain’t that smart. Richard, duck, D1ck, etc.


I think that the name that begins with a “D” and ends with a “k” should be taken off the flag list. I know people with that name, and I can’t imagine how they feel when a respected organization like CAF assumes that their name is a swear word.

I think we should take this once-common name BACK from those who would pervert it! I think it’s sad when someone’s dear name is dragged down by people that we should just ignore and give no power to.

If a post itself has a message that is offensive or suggestive, can’t members of the forum report the post and the post will then be removed not because of a person’s name, but because the post has an inappropriate message.

An person from England once told me that in their country, the name “Roger” has naughty connotations. So should that name be forbidden, too? (I don’t know if the person was kidding me or not.)


That’s what happened to me earlier! How do I PM you?


Join the club. I’m still learning myself.


If I’d known that his name was verboten (never mind that he was a great game show host who was very funny) I’d have called him the “eternal teenager” in my original post.


I know one of the forum rules is that we can’t give medical advice. Maybe that’s why you were flagged.


I thought the mods said when we had the issue some weeks ago with D van D on a Mary Poppins thread that this would be fixed. I also thought months ago when we had a prayer thread concerning a man named D and same thing happened, we were also told it would be fixed. Apparently it’s still with us.

I agree with you the auto flag on the word is not necessary given that any misuse of the word would immediately draw community flags.


Hi Margaret Ann :slightly_smiling_face:

Thanks for replying to my earlier post. The method for contacting anyone (including the moderators/webmaster) is:

  • At the top right of the screen, find your user icon and click it.
  • A menu will appear. At the top right of this menu, you’ll see a small ‘envelope’ icon: click it.
  • You’ll find yourself in the private message system. Look for a blue box on the left labelled “new message”, click that box, then enter the persons’s username (e.g., “cawebmaster”) and away you go!

Here’s a shortcut If you want to message someone you encounter within a thread:

Click their user icon and a small ‘contact card’ with some info about them will appear. On the right side of the ‘card’ you’ll see a blue box labelled “message”; click that box and you’ll be able to message them without typing their username.

Hope this helps :slightly_smiling_face:


Thank you! Sending you a (virtual) hug.

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