Question about Community Flagging


Peeps, I know how you feel. It happened to me. I couldn’t get any answers either and to be honest with you I got. my feelings hurt…PSSST. I don.t think we’re suppose to mention his name, you know the guy who lives in that white house:_:open_mouth: But seriously let it go, you did nothing wrong. God bless


Yesterday I had a post removed, no message, no indication in the thread, just gone. It was quite harmless, it contained a praise of something the Holy Father said and a comment, very benign, on his supporters and detractors.

Do you guys have posts disappear without any indication as to why?


I have only heard of it happening when people start threads asking why their post was removed. And usually someone tells them to PM a mod, but you may or may not get a answer as to why. And that is, I suppose, CAFs right.


I did not start the thread, I posted the first response. It was the only response for several hours, then I happened to notice it had additional posts, so I opened it to read and realized my post was gone. I might send a request to the moderator later.


Generally when a post is flagged and removed, you get a message from “system” that says “Flagged post removed by staff”.
If you didn’t get a notification, check your messages - sometimes a message is in there but you don’t get a notification for some reason.
If you did not get a message at all, message the moderator. You may or may not get an answer.


I received no message. I reposted the same thing, it seems to have survived.


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