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I think i might have an opportunity for an audience (not private obviously) with the Holy Father Patriarch Ignatius IV and I am very scared… what am I supposed to do? I am Roman Catholic, as far as I know we recognize their apostolic succession… including and especially the Patriarchs. Is this not true?

What am I to do? I have been before the Pope twice, and I am familiar with all of the procedures and dress code that is required when a Catholic woman goes before the Holy Father, but I do not know if the same rules apply for the other four Patriarchs.

I do not wish to in any way slight the Patriarch or act or dress in a way that does not show deference… but I am concerned that if I do the things I do when I met the Pope that I would be treating him like the Pope… who is Prince of the Patriarchs… so I do not wish to treat him as though he was the Pope.

What do I do?! I am mostly concerned about dress code (do I wear black?) what I am to say how do i address him? and what am i to do in terms of actions? is there a formal reception area like the library?

gracias for any help

Dominus Vobiscum


I am sure there’ll be someone on the Patriarch’s staff who can answer your questions about the correct protocol when meeting him, if you contact them they’ll direct you to the right person to help you.


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