Question about confession


as a recent revert to the Church I have some problems with the sacrament of confession.
Before I returned to the Church I believed in many heretical things, for example I didn’t believe in the Trinity anymore, and associated myself with a false religion.

I went to confession, with the intention to tell the priest everything, which I basically did, and he gave my absolution and told me that I shouldn’t worry anymore about my past.
Unfortunately I failed to mention that I wrote some of my heresies in an internet forum.

Should I reconfess my sins and add that I said them in public, or is this not necessary?

no the priest told you not to worry, you confessed the general topic so it is done. forgiven. forget it. resist the temptation to monday morning quarterback your confessions. simply thank God for his mercy and praise him for his truth every day.

I dont think its necessary, unless you said something especially bad, and committed the heresies with deliberate foreknowledge. I think there is a difference between doing something through stupidity and ignorance, or knowing somethings wrong, and doing it anyway. I myself have said things I have regretted on internet forums, but this has been through ignorance. I dont think this even requires confession, but then Im not a Catholic :slight_smile: but am thinking of going to confession myself. Must be the effect of this forum :wink:

You went in with the intention to tell everything, so I assume that means you merely forgot to mention that one aspect.

Forgotten sins are still forgiven as long as they are just honestly forgotten, so the sins are forgiven and there is no need to confess them.

However, you can still receive particular grace from God for confessing sins, even if they are already forgiven. So feel free to confess them in a later confession, just make sure the priest knows you’ve already been to confession for that sin, you just honestly forgot to mention it.

As I stated before though, it is not necessary and the sin (along with all other sins prior to your confession) are forgiven.

Welcome home! I will be sure to say a prayer for you.

No you do not need to reconfess. We all have things - fallout - from past sin. We will also have memories of and regrets about said fallout. If you remember where you posted these things you now regret, you might go back and recant them. If you don’t remember where, don’t worry about it.


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