Question about confession


I have been away from the Church for a while, but am wanting to come back. I need to make a reconciliation appointment, but if I pray directly to God for forgiveness, is that sufficient until I can go to confession (if the priest can't get me in for a few days or something? Like if something would happen to me before I get in, would I go to Hell?


Make an act of perfect contrition and confess at your first opportunity.


Make the appointment as soon as possible and receive Holy Communion. Then go to Mass on Sunday, do not miss, you have to go. Praying that you will make a good confession and stay in His grace. God bless you.


Should be very easy to find the local parishes around you. Many offer Reconciliation on even weekday schedules, though usually on the weekend, though always by appointment. No reason you can't do it at the earliest opportunity, maybe even tomorrow, if you really try to.

As my young daughter says, "don't listen to the bad angel" and let yourself get discouraged or dissuaded. It's easy to come up with excuses or reasons to get busy or avoid it. That said, if you're truly and honestly contrite and met an accident with your confession honestly scheduled, you could put your trust in His mercy with a clean conscience knowing that many would pray for intercession on your behalf even if you couldn't get absolved with last rights. It really shouldn't come to that, though.


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