Question about Confession

I struggle with sins of impurity and recently fell into it once more. I have resolved to do it no more and also to go to confession with my confessor on Tuesday.

Now, I didn’t fall back into sin until Wednesday, but I possibly (not really in actuality), but might have done it another time the day after Christmas. I then received Communion on the Feast of the Holy Family and the Vigil for the Solemnity of Mary. Since I might have done the grave act of impurity before these receptions of the Eucharist, but am not sure, should I say at confession that I received Holy Communion in the state of mortal sin? If I do and I actually didn’t, is it okay just to be safe?

Also, is it okay to confess stuff just to be safe all the time?

I would say:
“I confess x, and I confess that I received the Eucharist before having confessed x.”

If you are uncertain about whether or not you have committed a sin of impurity, ask the priest for direction about this in Confession and follow his advice. :slight_smile:


I definitely committed the sin of impurity, but I just wanted to know if it is okay to confess something just to be safe.

Anyone have nay insights on this, because I am pretty sure that it’s fine to do so.

When in doubt, you should confess it. However, if you suffer from scrupulosity and therefore obsess over every little possible thing, it may not be wise to do this. You should ask your priest for his direction in this regard since he is best suited to guide you. :slight_smile:

Thank you! And no, I don’t think I am really very scrupulous, not usually anyway! So, I’ll just confess and everything will be fine and good again!

May God bless you all!

I would go to confession and discuss this with the priest. God bless.

Remember, however, not to just take an attitude of 'everything will be fine and good again.True, you can and will be forgiven. You want to truly have a desire to mortify the flesh against future occasions of this type of behavior. I am not judging your sincerity; rather just advising that you need to do as the Act of Contrition states, '…I firmly resolve with the help of Thy grace to sin no more…"
As an adult who has more than my share of struggles with purity; I have developed a devotion to St. Philomena who was martyred for her steadfast faith and purity.

Without getting into anything else at the moment - let me just answer is it ok to confess something that one is doubtful about.

One may confess something that is “doubtful” -if one does though one notes that it is doubtful in some way. Or with something one is not sure about one simply say that…

Now those who struggle with scruples - they should have a regular confessor who knows them in confession and can guide them --often they will be told not to confess directly what is doubtful.

Those who do not struggle with scruples who have a “doubtful mortal sin” - a good general rule that is advised is to go ahead and confess it - and of course note there is doubt…

Those who are lax they are particularly urged to confess such (noting there is doubt).

Very eloquently stated.
St. Philomena, pray for us.

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