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So I was going to go to Reconciliation next Saturday, but it’s been two days and I’m kinda depressed my mind keeps popping stuff into my head that just comes back to me from years or months ago and the problem is since I’m scrupulous I remember it and add it on my lost when I get home which is already 4 pages long some are questions about sin and some have detail because again I’m scrupulous. I want it to stop so I think I’m getting an appoitment to go tomorrow. I’m pretty sure I’ve got down all the mortal sins that im positive are mortal sins, but since I want to stop thinking about my past venial sins (I think they are venial because I don’t know if they are mortal) will it not make it a good confession. I know for it to not be a good confession you have to hold back mortal sins on purpose, but I’ve put all the sins that are 100% mortal and sins that could be mortal on my list. So again is it not going to be a good confession since I’m trying not to think of anymore sins that will make me stressed and keep popping into my head during, this also affected my schoolwork once, I was starting homework and pop here comes a sin into my head and I spend time adding to my list, and that happened over and over. So again here is the question: If I’m going earlier to confession to get these sins to stop popping into my head and stressing me, even if I wrote all the mortal sins I know and ones that might be will it not be a good confession? And again remember I’m scrupulous. Any answers and advice that will help get through this is appreciated! :slight_smile: im also not sure if confession is capitalized an answer for that will also help :slight_smile:

If you confess all of the sins of which you are aware and have contrition, then all of your sins have been forgiven and absolved, even those you don’t remember. You need to relax a little and trust in an all-merciful God who loves you and can’t wait to forgive you.

It turns out I can’t get an appointment so I’m going next Saturday but can I forget about the sins that pop into my head that aren’t mortal or happened on accident because I’m trying not to be stressed

Please do set up an appointment with a priest whenever you can to discuss your scrupulosity (whether it’s before or after your confession next Saturday).

The Church has particular directives for those who are scrupulous. If you follow them, you will soon cast your written list into the flames. St. Padre Pio once reprimanded a distrustful penitent, telling her that she must stop writing her sins down; God does not demand it. If He convicts us of a particular sin and we intend to confess it, that suffices (provided that we have contrition).

I find it helpful to remember that all good comes from God, including the grace of repentance. We can literally do nothing good for ourselves without God’s grace; we can neither repent, nor remember to repent, nor understand the truths of the faith. It brings great peace to recall this often, placing everything into God’s hands. The most we can do is trust and cooperate (and even this is a grace!).

The following words (taken from ‘Confession: A Little Book for the Reluctant’) might help:


What matter? Repent sincerely of your sins, known and unknown; accuse yourself of all you can remember; when you cannot remember the exact number, tell it as nearly as you can; hide nothing deliberately; be firmly resolved, in the future, to observe the commandments of God and the Church, and God requires no more.

Who could remember exactly all his sins? No one in the world. But God, who knows all, pardons all when He sees in the heart a true, sincere repentance. Peace to men of good will!

… Moreover, remember that the sins forgotten in Confession, even if mortal sins, are pardoned like the others. Never disquiet yourself, either before Confession or after it; guard well the peace of your soul. If, after absolution, you remember any [mortal] sin, it will not be necessary for that reason to return to Confession; above all, it is not necessary to deprive yourself of Holy Communion.

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