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Hi so I will be receiving Confirmation three weeks from this coming up Saturday, and I was just wondering, when you are confirmed, does the priest just say your confirmation name? Or your full name including your confirmation name? If anyone could tell me it would greatly be appreciated! I am just really curios.


Whatever name you give him.

If you give him a confirmation name, then that is what he will say. If you give him your given name, then that is what he will say.

I did not choose a confirmation name. I was confirmed under my own first name.


I am also receiving my Confirmation soon. Although i am pretty sure that it is the bishop who confirms you, i was also wondering how that worked. My confirmation teacher said that all that really happens with the name that you take is that it goes on your parish file. I was wondering if the names were uses at the mass though.


In certain situations the priest is given the power to confirm. Especially during Holy Saturday since that is when lots of teens and adults are confirmed at multiple parishes. After all the Bishop can’t be at more than one place all at once! Going on to the confirmation name, I think my teacher said something about it being said during Mass however I am unsure how they will say it. Like I do not know if they will say just Peter (which is my confirmation name) or my full name including my confirmation name.


I might be from a smaller diocese. That, and i suppose it is easier for the bishop to do our confirmation since nearly all the local parishes will be combined at one mass. That is a good question about the name though. Im guessing that if they say it, they would add it into your full name after your middle name.


Well yeah I guess we will find out. Haha I am just really excited to become an adult in The Church! I will probably go to confession right before my confirmation and first communion so I will have a clean slate. Now is the time for us all to get right with God, after all it is Lent. :slight_smile:


You are right :slight_smile: and i am excited as well. So in addition to your confirmation you are also recieving your first communion?


Yes, I will be getting my first communion and confirmation. Technically I am converting to Catholicism since I was Baptized Episcopal (Church recognizes Baptism thankfully), however only going to Church with my grandmother all the time, and with my dad recently going back to Church I was always a Catholic at heart. I actually thought I was Catholic until my mom told me I wasn’t, so I decided to fix that.


Well early congratulations on your upcoming sacraments. I think its great that you are going through the initiations, i can think of plenty of people who wouldnt bother with it. Soon we will both be adults in the Church. I hope you feel welcomed and at home with the rest of this big ol’ family :slight_smile:


The text of the RCIA addresses the celebration of the sacrament of Confirmation on three occasions: at the Easter Vigil, at some other Mass, and at some other time outside of Mass. In each instance the rite calls for the celebrant, while tracing the sign of the cross with chrism on the forehead of the person to be confirmed, to say

"(NAME), be sealed with Gift of the Holy Spirit" **

In my experience just the “confirmation name” is said here as in “John” or “Mary Catherine.” This can be the person’s legal first name, common first name if different, baptismal name if different, or the name of a favorite saint such as “Martin” but usually not “Martin of Tours.” Do realize however that there may be some very specific “local guidelines” to what name is to be used.

How the “confirmation name” is conveyed to the celebrant obviously will vary from parish to parish. I have seen the celebrant ask each person as they approach, work from a list, and read from a card presented by each individual or their sponsor. I also recall one instance when the each card was handed to a priest who was assisting the bishop and the priest then whispered the name in the bishop’s ear. I think that was done because the bishop was quite elderly.

**This same wording is used in the Rite of Confirmation on occasions not associated with the RCIA.


With my kids, as I recall, it was the sponsor who presented them to the Bishop and told their name. It was always their own baptismal name since there was no tradition of ‘Confirmation name’ in the parishes where those took place.

In the formatted parish registers with which I’ve worked, the Confirmation is registered under the person’s baptismal name and the Confirmation name, if different, is entered in a separate column. In older registers, which were simply large volumes of lined pages where sacraments were recorded in narrative form (I, the undersigned, did this day baptize John Black, legitimate son of Jack Black and Mary White, born this day …) I found no record of Confirmation names. That is most likely due to the difference in the population recorded in the older registers, a population with no tradition of taking a new name at Confirmation.


If you have chosen Peter as a confirmation name, then the priest/bishop will say “Peter, be sealed with the gift of the Holy Spirit.”


Welcome home!

When I was received into the church and confirmed I told the priest my confirmation name and that’s the name he used.


Even at this point in my religious life I feel at home in The Catholic Church. But I thank you for your support, and wish you the best of luck! I will keep you in my prayers. :slight_smile:


Hmm okay, well that sounds about right. Thanks for the feed back I really appreciate it. :slight_smile:


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