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So it has been made aware to me that when you are baptized, the church at which you were baptized at will keep record of the baptism. Then when you are confirmed this will be added to your records. If you are confirmed by another parish then in some cases they will call the baptismal parish for you so that they may update their records, but in some cases not. My question is this, I was baptized at an Episcopal Church, so once I am confirmed Catholic should I notify the church I was baptized at? Or does it not matter since they are of a different denomination? Thank you, and have a great day!

No, they won’t be in touch with your old Episcopal parish. If you were received into the Church in a different parish, then they will contact that parish, which should have your baptismal certificate as well.

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not to sure where you are but i had to get a certified certificate of baptism from the Church of England to prove i was baptisted the cost was £11, :shrug:turned out to be a card with date of my baptism on it.

Which reminds me need to put it in my bag today to give to the priest keep forgetting

When my husband and mother-in-law were confirmed in the Catholic church, they had to show they had been baptized (so they did not need to be baptized again.) If you have your baptismal certificate or other record of baptism, that is all you need. (I presume your parish will ask for it.) If you don’t, then contact the church you were baptized to get a copy. You can tell them why you need it, but you don’t have to.

I think he’s talking about being received into the Church through confirmation, so they will want to know that he has been baptized.

You could notify the Episcopal parish that you were Confirmed in and are now in communion with the Catholic Church, but it is not necessary. The Catholic parish where you are received into the Catholic Church will keep the permanent record of your Baptism, Confirmation, and First Communion.

Once you are received into full communion with the Catholic Church your sacramental records (including the notation of your Baptism in the Episcopal parish) will be held in the parish where you are received, not at the Episcopal parish where you were baptized. So, no, you do not have to notify your former Episcopal parish.

Should you later get married (if you are not already) in a parish other than the one where you were received into full communion, the marrying parish will notify the parish where you were received and your marriage will be entered into their register as well as in the register of the parish where you marry.


Or does it not matter since they are of a different denomination? Thank you, and have a great day!

It doesn’t matter, but not for the reason you’re asking.

When you become Catholic and are received into the Church, receive Confirmation and First Holy Communion, all that will be recorded in the register at the Catholic parish. From then on, all sacramental record updates will be added to that register. No official updates are ever sent to the Episcopal parish where you were baptized. Aside: sometimes people do this (mail a copy of the certificate, for example) but there’s no point in it, and more reasons not to do it.

Also, notifying the place of baptism (or reception) is the responsibility of the pastor, so this isn’t something that you need to do yourself.

Okay thank you so much!

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