Question about contraception

I often have a lot of friends stay over at my house for the night, and many of them aren’t Catholics and use this form of contraception where they take these tablets everyday, is it a sin to allow these tablets in my house and allow my friends to take them?

Are you an adult? Are you a teenager? Why are “a lot” of people staying over at your house on a regular basis? Are these single-sex sleepovers, or is this a mixed group?

OP, how do you even know that people bring these things in their personal belongings? There’s either a rude host or a rude guest problem here, in addition to the questions 1ke asked.

You are not privy to the medical history of your friends and may not even be 100% sure why they are taking it. I would suggest you leave it alone. I’m sure they know by now that you do not approve of contraceptives so hopefully no one should think you are endorsing the behaviour.

I have muslim, jewish, SDA and rastafarian friends who don’t eat pork. When we order takeout, if I get something pork related and no one admonishes me for eating pork, I do not immediately think that they are endorsing my dietary choices.


Are you trolling, just for fun on a Monday in the UK?:eek:

I think you may be confusing respect for your friends privacy and free will with enabling or participating in a wrong. Your friend is taking ABC without your permission, assistance or consultation. You are not participating in any way. The Lord God of all creation is the one true judge. There’s no reason not to extend the hospitality of your home to your friends.

Now, if they were to ask you for money to buy the morning after pill, or a ride to an abortion mill, or to run to the pharmacy to pick up the ABC, that would entail providing support of the illicit activity.

It’s the same distinction that has to be made with homosexual friends who wish to wed. We can’t go to their wedding, be the caterer or photographer because in doing so we are enabling a disordered life proscribed by scripture with full knowledge. On the other hand, if those same friends, a couple of men holding hands or a woman dressed as a man walks into a pizza parlor and orders a pizza, sell them the pizza. You are not participating in any way. The Lord God of all creation is the one true judge. There’s no reason not to extend the hospitality of your establishment to these customers.

Firstly I’m 19 and live alone so a lot of my college friends sometimes mixed groups stay over at my place and I know because they get their tablets out in front of me and take them and its common sense what they’re taking I can see by the packet or they talk about it… I was just asking whether I’m condoning contraception by allowing them in my house and them taking them

Not necessarily. Although they are commonly prescribed for birth control, physicians also prescribe “birth control” pills to treat a variety of medical conditions.

The long and short of it is this: You cannot stop your friends from taking birth control pills. You can tell them that you are opposed to birth control, and you can tell them why, but you cannot control their actions. I highly doubt that you are sinning if your friends take birth control pills as you are not taking them yourself and you can’t stop them from doing so.



To the OP - I apologize for being so harsh in my earlier post. I agree with Lou’s rationale. If the topic of contraception comes up you can explain your reasoning, but otherwise I would just enjoy my youth and group of friends.:rolleyes:

I don’t want to speak for the OP’s friends, but IMO the taking the pills in front of others is a show-offy thing. My sister did that when she was on the pill. “Oh, look at me, I’m a grownup, I need this, haha!” I had friends in college who did the same thing - spill the contents of their bag “accidentally” to show they had bought condoms or whatever. :rolleyes:

If I was in someone else’s home I’d go to the bathroom or somewhere private to take any medications, even if it was just a pill. I guess there are medications that have to be taken with food, but I don’t know of any oral contraceptive that’s the case for.

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