Question about Crucifixion and the Role of the Samhedrin


If the purpose of the Incarnation was the Crucifixion, and Christ knew he was to die in this manner, does this mean that the Jewish high priests et. al were predetermined to be responsible for Christ’s death? Jesus said that it was the will of God for all to be saved, but he couldn’t be crucified unless He knew that some would definitely act for evil.


I cannot speak to the predestination question as I don’t understand it well enough - it tends to make my eyes hurt. What I can say is that those who put Christ to death and did evil (Judas as well) did so by an exercise of their free will. God, looking at all of time from outside time, knew the decisions these men would make but he did not remove their free will from them. That’s about all the “predestination” stuff I can give you.

On the other point, just because these men did evil does not mean they were not saved (remember “Father, forgive them for they do not know what they do”?). Jesus had to come and die to open the gates of Heaven to all. We can only pray that his endless mercy stretched out to them.

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Had the High Priest been predestined to accept Jesus there would be no need for Jesus to visit at that time. It was precisely because religion was off track that Jesus came when he did. To follow the Church (Jewish) was to error at that time, and thus the change from Judaism to Christianity. The purpose of Incarnation was not the crucifixion per say but the ability to return to proper life which was offered by Jesus. The proper life maintains the soul.


To follow the lead of Caiphas and his cohorts wast o err; not to recognize the Lord when he came was to err. The Law was given to the Jews as a “teaching tool,” but became a means that became a substitute for the end. That end was a revelation of the justice and mercy of God in the person of Jesus. Because their understanding of the Law was so imperfect, they could not know the Lord when they unexpectedly encountered him in the form of an ordinary man. Even his disciples were blinded to his identity until he revealed himself fully in his resurrected form, and even then, after he ascended to the Father, they sometimes stumbled along the way.

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