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IF your spouse goes to doctor appts. with you when you go in the “Back” and talk with the doctor does your spouse go as well. I always do when I go with hubby and he does as well when he goes with me. I think it’s better for there to be 2 people hearing what the doctor says whenever possible. Plus as a nurse I can make out a little bit more if the doctor throws around medical words. But I do NOT like to tell any new doctors that I am a nurse or even when I go into the hospital. For some reason when you do that they just either say much more or much less. I want them to treat me like any old patient.


Hi Cajun Joy, which is the question?

The ? is does your spouse go in the back with you or you with your spouse?


I can’t answer that one, but I have been in with my loved ones.
I would like to say that If you are there with your loved one, and don’t want to reveal your medical background , and have questions, just ask like any old patient would :slight_smile:


Yes we do pretty much the same; we will go to most appt. together if more than a routine or simple visit. I’ve found it beneficial to have a second set of ears to hear and answer questions that the other might not notice. Have no problem sharing with the physician that we are both health care professionals, but do emphasize that they talk to us as patients since few are experts in all areas.

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I usually go by myself. Sometimes he’ll drive me, but not come in to the appointment.

He did come along when I was pregnant to a few visits, and for the sonograms.

In general, if The Husband has an appointment with a specialist he requests I go with him and we remain together for the duration. That said, there is one specialist he’s seeing whose doorway I will never again darken. I’ve gone with him twice. The first time, Dr. C attempted to (erroneously) explain my own country to me. :roll_eyes: The second time, the patient who had the appointment before The Husband rushed in half an hour late and Dr. C insisted upon seeing her first even though we had arrived on time. An hour and 15 minutes later, we were still waiting. I left. (I had an appointment of my own to go to.) There will not be a third time for me.

I accompany The Husband to all of his dentist appointments because if I don’t, he won’t go. I remain with him in the examination/treatment room for the duration because if I don’t, he won’t stay. (Lifelong fear of dentists.)

It’s much rarer for him to accompany me to my non-routine medical appointments, but when he does there’s usually a reason for it (like when I went for my first post-op check-up following open-knee surgery; I could neither walk nor drive, and the surgeon wanted to ask him some questions) and we remain together for the duration.


I always go with my spouse, his health does not allow him to come with me to my semi annual checkups. If you have medical issues, it is important to have a second set of ears!


We normally will go in with each other during each other’s appointments.

I have different health issues going on, and my husband has a calming presence during my appointments that puts me more at ease, as I can feel rather anxious at times, especially if I have to have any kind of an in-office test.

I also like for him to hear/know what’s going on too, from the doctor or nurse, and I also want him to ask any questions if he has any, as well.

I’ll go with him too if he wants me to.

Sometimes he’ll make his appointments for on his way to/from work so that he ends up going by himself just due to scheduling, time constraints and so on, but I will definitely go with him if he asks me to or if he would like me to be there for him at an appointment. :slightly_smiling_face:


My husband always likes me to go with him. He knows I’ll fill in what he leaves out.
I’m a little ambivalent about his being there for me for the times he later critiques my responses, and because after pregnancies and childbirths, years of regular blood tests for autoimmune levels for three conditions, now a heart thing, and unrelated surgeries, I’m not particularly bothered by doctor or hospital visits. I sail on through life regardless.

However it is really sweet and supportive of him to always come with me … and he usually takes us for a coffee afterwards, :smiley: so it’s a nice social and spousal occasion to have his company when I go the doctors or hospitals. He grows more attentive each passing year. Once I’d have thought he woundn’t be particularly concerned if I fell off my perch. Now I worry he’d take that quite hard, God bless him.

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