Question about Drugs

I had a discussion with a fellow about the use of drugs and wanted to ask what the catholic opinion of it would be.

Here is the dilemma:

Say there is a drug that one can take that would give you the same type of effects of a hallucinogen for 5 minutes and you would return to normal. It would have no side effects or cause any physiological damage. Also say that the drug is already produced in the body, so in essence you are causing an excess of this compound in your body to create the desired hallucinogen effect.

The fellow also said that this drug can be used for good to somehow reach a meditative state and be more in tune with the unconscious.

He thinks this is not immoral to take this drug, while i said it is immoral to alter your state of mind no matter what the side effects or lack their of are.

Question is:
Which one of us is right from a catholic view point?

I know what you are referring to. True it can bring about entities and spiritual presences, but my Catholic friend pointed out that if one needs this chemical enhancement to experience such a meditative state, then it really isn’t natural and any spiritual connections being made aren’t, uh, significant?

I’ve never used what you are talking about, but I’ve had my share of other psychedelics. (Though not anymore :eek: ) At that time I didn’t really have much belief in God or Christ so I don’t know how one’s thoughts would be under such hallucinogens.

These drugs should be looked at differently than say, cocaine, as they have potential for the user to experience sensations and connections never thought possible.

Sorry this post isn’t very Catholic oriented for I’m still learning myself, but hopefully I’ve said something worthwhile.

Also you are saying it’s immoral to drink coffee or have a few beers. (lets not forget that these are drugs too )

Even if they brought 'entities and spiritual presences" however lovely this seems, this doesn’t come from God. This isn’t the way to know and love God, or to grow in spiritual life that is pleasing to God.

Rather, read the gospels and the epistles, participate deeply in the Sacraments, be kind to others, and this is the true way to spiritual life and eternal joy.
I pray that you won’t succumb…and however much you don’t believe there will be undesirable consequences…there will be, if you were to follow that path. If no physical consequences, there will be spiritual consequences that wil follow.

God bless you, Trishie

Ask yourself this:

Is the drug considered legal and safe? Is it readily available for consumption in any drugstore. Is it FDA approved for the purposes it is used for?

If not, it must be illegal. If it is illegal than it is not congruent with Church rules.

It sounds to me like your friend is playing with fire, and will eventually burn himself or get burned… and all the while using “limp logic” to attempt to justify his actions.

Not really one that another might really want for a “friend”…

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