Question about EO


I read on another site that Eastern Orthodox women are not supposed to receive communion during menstruation. Is this true? The thread on the other site said that it is in the Canon, because when we receive Christs blood it becomes part of our blood, and therefore if you have a cut, or are menstruating then Christs blood is coming out of the wound.

Does anyone know anything about this? Did I misunderstand, or maybe the poster on the other site was misinformed?


I am just going to bump this back up so it doesn’t die. Perhaps someone will come on later who can answer this question. Thank You.:slight_smile:


This question has been passed along to an apologist.

Thank you for your patience.


This is a question that should be directed to an Eastern Orthodox priest or theologian. You might inquire at a local Eastern Orthodox church if there is someone who can answer a question about Orthodox sacramental disciplines.

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