Question about Eucharistic Adoration?


In order to try to foster a deeper for the Lord, I have asked my parish Pastor if he would consider implementing Eucharistic Adoration before each daily Mass (perhaps for 30-60 minutes prior to each daily Mass)?

For all the experts in the house:

Does adoration have to be started by a Priest or Deacon, or can lay Catholics do it? Do you have any idea where the rules governing this would be?


Do you mean private meditation and adoration in the Church, which can be done at any hour that the church is unlocked? This doesn’t need anyone to begin the hour or thirty minutes. Adoration time before Mass is a wonderful idea, and all you need is an unlocked church to begin.

(I used to stay for an hour every day after Mass, but the church is now locked after Mass because of some thefts. I miss that hour very much.
At present we have all day Friday rosters for adoration, and I just turn up at 7am and leave when the next person rostered arrives, and as there are a number of unaccounted for hours, the Lord gets stuck with me a lot.)

If you are thinking of having the Blessed Sacrament exposed you would have to ask your priest about that possibility. I’m happy just to be near the Tabernacle.


Yes, I should have been more specific…sorry. I am speaking of Adoration before the expose Blessed Sacrament in the Monstrance. I am not sure if that has to be done by a Priest or Deacon.


From what I understand a lay person can not expose the Blessed Sacrament, this must be done by the priest. I’m sure the more learned among us will know more. :wink:




That is how I understand it as well, yet it would be nice to verify. :slight_smile:


Can I offer a a suggestion? In the beginning instead of asking for Adoration before each daily Mass, ask for it once a week. Daily Eucharistic Adoration might seem like a lot of work for your Pastor at first, especially if the your Parish hasn’t had adoration for a while. Also, it’s my understanding that someone has to be present at all times when the Eucharist is exposed so once a week should seem less of a challenge. Then as interest builds up, and hopefully the Pastor sees it’s not so much work after all, it can be expanded to the rest of the week.


Exposition also has to be for an extended amount of time. But to answer your question…an EMHC can expose the Sacrament.


Thank you. All very good suggestions. However, my parish already has adoration/exposition 1-2 times per week, based on scheduling. My suggestion would be to have exposition and benediction 30-60 minutes before daily Mass. The Priest will already be saying the Mass, so he would only have to be available perhaps 30-60 minutes earlier and having people attend will not be a problem.


Is your time statement correct? I know of other parishes in which they will have exposition for one hour leading up to daily Mass, and other times when parishes will have exposition and benediction within a 15 minute timeframe at the close of a spiritual talk or event.

Also, can you point me to where the Church states an EMHC can expose the Blessed Sacrament?


My dear friend

I believe an acolyte can do this and it’s not so hard to become an acolyte. Whoever commits themself to do this apostolate must take it very seriously and maybe even have a back up to ensure it’s success and to make sure the priest isot overly inconvenienced with extra work when he’s no doubt already very busy. Adoration is something very dear to me so I’ll pray for this.

God bless and peace to you:thumbsup::slight_smile:


Thank you very much. I appreciate it. :slight_smile:


Eucharistiae Sacramentum:

  1. The ordinary minister for exposition of the eucharist is a priest or deacon. At the end of the period of adoration, before the reposition, he blesses the congregation with the sacrament.

In the absence of a priest or deacon or if they are lawfully impeded, the following persons may publicly expose and later repose the eucharist for the adoration of the faithful:

a. an acolyte or special minister of communion;

b. upon appointment by the local Ordinary, a member of a religious community or of a pious association of laymen or laywomen which is devoted to eucharistic adoration.

Such ministers may open the tabernacle and also, as required, place the ciborium on the altar or place the host in the monstrance. At the end of the period of adoration, they replace the blessed sacrament in the tabernacle. It is not lawful, however, for them to give the blessing with the sacrament.



Thank you…that is very helpful.


So, it would seem that if the Priest is willing, yet does not have the time, then an acolyte can expose the Lord and replace him in the tabernacle.

I guess the next question is, how does one become an acolyte?


One is so instituted by the bishop of the diocese. It’s generally a step that a seminarian takes on the way to ordination. I believe that those in formation to become permanent deacons are also instituted as acolytes. So in both cases you would have men who would be available as acolytes for some period of time before ordination.

I seem to recall that there is one diocese, perhaps Lincoln, where the bishop has permanently instituted acolytes.

Since extraordinary ministers can also expose/repose the Eucharist, having instituted acolytes doesn’t seem like an issue.


Thank you. This all helps.


You might also want to get in touch with the people who have organized the other Adoration hours at your parish. Seems to me they might be a big help. :slight_smile: We have had Adoration following some week-day Masses. 24 hr first Friday Adoration; as well as 12 hours every Friday. Extraordinary Eucharistic Ministers of Holy Communion can do this.


My dear friend

Ask your priest and you’ll know exactly what to do.

God bless you and I’m praying still:thumbsup::slight_smile:


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