question about eucharistic adoration

I have a question about eucharistic adoration. Hopefully I don’t sound too silly: my church has eucharistic adoration daily after the 7am weekday mass but I cannot stay a full hour afterwards because of work, is this okay ? I would love to stay longer but I can only stay about 20 minutes if that at all. There have been a few times when I’ve had to take off just as they were setting it up if I had to be in early. I always feel a bit guilty. Do you have to stay an hour or is that only for holy hour?

Stay as long as you like. Jesus appreciates 5 minutes even, and you will receive Grace for it.


God gave you a job and wants u to be on time for work so you have to leave church, even if you do no adoration at all. That’s completely ok. ‘render to Caesar what is Caesars, and render to God what is God’s.’ God, outside of keeping the commandments also wants you to keep all your duties and obligations to work which includes being at work on time.

Adoration: if you have to go to work you have to go, no problem, not even a venial sin.
Anyway: there are no rules about how long you have to stay. You can pop in to say ‘Hello Jesus,’ for a few seconds and leave if you want to. The Lord will reward your faithfulness to go to work, which you have to put first.

I also think I read somewhere that the Tabernacle, is also equal to eucharistic adoration, because Our Lord is truly present in the Communion in the tabernacle (He’s just not exposed for us to see, but the Graces He gives are the same.

Maybe on a Sunday after mass you would have more time? 30mins adoration of Taberncle or Adoration Monstrance (without a break) gives you a plenary indulgence for yourself or a soul in purgatory, but one must also receive communion, confession, and say a prayer for the Pope (within a week). A plenary indulgence wipes away ALL your purgatory and reparation owes to sin on your soul (but a person must also be detached from venial sins or mortal sins, with a true love of God, to obtain this). People do a Holy Hour (in response to Our Lord saying in Gethsemene ‘Could you not watch one hour with me?’ But of course If you have work this may not ever work out, but do not worry, pray to The Lord in the ways you can in the meantime and mind you job and fulfill your duties to those around you first of all.

I love adoration. I’m on our parish list and commit to one hour a week. My scheduled time is 4-5 on Friday’s. It is one of the best hours of my week. Other times when I’m passing our church I’ll stop in and spend whatever time I have with Jesus even if it’s only a few minutes.

I would encourage any one considering Eucharistic adoration to give it a try. It will change your life.

Do what you can:) Sometimes while running errands with my children if we’ll be driving in front of church we’ll stop and go to the adoration chapel. We stay about 5 minutes. I’ve taught my children to kneel down and say “Hi Jesus. I love you” (silently obviously). That’s all their attention span can handle at this point. The way I see it, any time in front of Jesus is better than no time with Jesus. I’m sure he is happy to see you no matter how long you can stay.

Hello Sticknstring.

Every moment you spend with our Lord in the Blessed Sacrament bears fruit. You may not be aware of it but not a minute gets wasted. If you cannot stay a full hour, then by all means leave. Unless your Pastor requests that all those staying stay and makes a rule about it, then go when you have to. And pray for me while you’re there - I have surgery coming up.


You can go into an adoration chapel for ten seconds, say “Thank you for this beautiful day” to Jesus, and leave if that is what you want to do.


Hi sticknstring,

The only time that you would be required to stay for an hour for Adoration, would be if you were officially signed up at a church or chapel to do a Holy Hour. When you sign up to do it, others are counting on you to show up for the hour that you signed up to do.

Other than that, I think that it’s great that you stop by, and are there to talk to Jesus. :slight_smile:

My husband and I would go to Adoration at a church that has it regularly, once a week. We would sometimes stay for an hour, but sometimes we couldn’t and would literally just drop by to say “hi” to the Lord on our way by. You do the best that you can, when you can.

Thank you all for all of your advice! Very helpful.

And Glenda, I certainly will!

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