Question about facilitating use of birth control pills

I am a nurse who works in a hospital that does not dispense birth control pills, but it does allow women to bring in their own and take them if the doctor approves. While I would not actually hand them the pill, I would have to document its use and possibly have to discuss the matter with the doctor (i.e., convey the patient’s request to continue to use them), take the pills to the pharmacy for verification, and so forth. Is any of this sinful? It seems a bit fuzzy to me…

Not sinful. You are not facilitating their use of the pills. You are facilitating their good medical care in spite of their use of the pills.

They are in your charge and you are managing their pills. If it were me, I would have some pamphlets handy that offer NFP and let them know that when they decide one day to come off the pill, NFP is taught in their area. They may look into it one day because you gave them the info. Knowing they are on the pill may be an opportunity you can take advantage of. :thumbsup:

This. Not facilitating isn’t the same thing as obstructing. In other words, you are not required to obstruct their use of their free will. That said, I’m sorry you are put in this position but how wonderful that you are able to work in a hospital that doesn’t encourage usage of oral contraceptives.

I agree with this.

Thanks for the feedback! I still think I am going to take it up with my pastor when I get the chance. Interestingly, this is not a Catholic hospital, but a secular non-profit. I don’t know the reason for why they don’t stock birth control pills; it may have something to do with the wide variety of formulations and brands and may not be practical to do so.

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