Question about family relationships after divorce


To make a long story short. My ex-uncle cheated on my aunt, and they divorced. My aunt being my blood aunt. My ex-uncle was also my dentist, but after the divorce we my family went to a new dentist, some stayed b/c he is a good dentist. I just felt at the time it's bad enough going to the dentist, let alone the awkwardness that would be there everytime i went. I don't hold any hard feelings against my ex-uncle but I haven't spoken to him since they were together. Do people usually keep in conact with non-blood uncles and aunts after a divorce? (Note, he was a nice guy and everything, but we only really interacted when he was with my aunt.) Opinions?


Probably depends on how close you are bf the divorce. It might be nice to ask him for coffee or send a note saying how sorry you are about how thing turned out for him & your aunt. When my aunt died manynyears ago, her mom, my grandmother tried to continue to send presents for his bd etc & he returned the gift (she always sent a nice check).
Imlost touch with him & hisngrown children until my grandmother died. He did come to the services. Then when my father died after a short,but intense cancer I did call my uncle after everything was over. He was pretty stunned & I am glad I let him know.
Now, 4 hrs after my dad’s death I am trying to adjust to having a stepfather. He is very nice, but at times I miss my Dad & such, wishing she had not remarried ( them I feel guilty,like I am not honoring my mom).
Strange, I think I need more help with this than you do.


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