Question about fasting, meals

The Church teaches that on Ash Wednesday and Good Friday, abstinence and fasting are mandatory - no meat and we should only eat one full meal and two smaller meals

Here is my question.

A = 1 Full meal & 2 smaller meals
B = 1 Full meal only
C = 2 smaller meals only
D = 1 full meal & 1 smaller meal and another 1 smaller than the first smaller meal

A is the Church teaching, but how about B,C,D? Do you think it’s okay to only eat only like that this Good Friday as long as it will not exceed the 1 Full meal & 2 small meals?

“When fasting, a person is permitted to eat one full meal, as well as two smaller meals that together are not equal to a full meal.

Take the one full meal and two smaller ones to be the maximum amount of foods that day.


I guess, nothing is restricting it. Its all about not exceeding the maximum amount of food to be eaten on those days.

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You can choose not to eat at all if you wish. The Church only tells you what is the maximum you can eat and still maintain the “fast”. Some people I know will limit their intake to water on Good Friday and there is nothing wrong with that.

Had my cup of joe and now I’m going to enjoy some nice, clean, refreshing water all day. :grinning:

It’s already 8.40pm here (Friday) and I think I may have exceeded the limit…? :confused:

And remember, the church does not expect people to fast if they are over or under a certain age, if they are pregnant and nursing, or if they do manual labor that requires them to keep up their strength. And there are other circumstances, such as illnesses, medications, etc.

I read about this one guy who fasted - a Preacher -
just water - for forty days - he kept a journal of every day -
and you could actually read the spiritual transformation happen - with him
and when forty days was done - and he proved that it was possible -
he had to come back from the fast very slowly -
drinking apple juice…then milk…etc…kinda interesting.

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