Question about fornication

Can somebody explain to me if this situation is a mortal sin?

I was laying in full clothes beside a girl im in relationship for 6 months already. She started to touch me there, and i didnt stop her even if i wanted so hard for her to stop. She asked me to touch her breasts under the clothes and i did it…but i didnt do this for my pleasure. I felt really guilty, i wanted this to stop. Only reason i did it is because i didnt want her to feel rejected or unattractive to me. She has some problems about vieving her own body and we had sex before… but then we went to confession a week ago. I feel that even if she is the one that helped me a lot to get back to Christ…she needs my sexual attention and i feel i will hurt her with my rejection of having sex with her. Nothing more happened today but still i dont know if my lack of sexual motivation was enought not to commit a mortal sin again :confused: Can somebody explain it?

It’s difficult to say what constitutes a mortal sin in someone else’s mind because as you may know a mortal sin requires foreknowledge that’s its a serious or grave matter, full consent of your will, without being hampered by some serious impairment, and deliberately doing it.

Best advice,go to confession as soon as possible, ask your priest about this, and for advice in the future. Talk to your gf about this and tell her that you guys should marry first, be ready to have kids, then do these things. If this doesn’t sound realistic that’s a good sign that the times were in have gotten to you and that you’ve been indoctrinated with worldly things rather then Godly things like we all should be concerned with.

Rest assured, any sexual impulses you two might have are 100% perfectly normal. Any reasonable person will tell you self control is a good thing, and that’s exactly what God teaches us. So control yourself, seek advice from a good priest, talk to your gf, read a book on this like “a case for chastity” and visit for more help. God bless and know your not alone! Your worth dieing for, so Jesus did. Just for you! Remember that man. Peace.

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