Question about FSSP Confirmation

as most of you know, i was confirmed in the SSPX chapel in November, i want to know something about the FSSP confirmation. does the bishop lightly tap your cheek ?
ours did.

I was Confirmed in the Old Rite (see my sig. for a link to the thread with pictures of it :D) and the Bishop did tap my cheek. It is supposed to represent one becoming a soldier of Christ.

My thread also has a link to a Fisheaters article on the Old Rite of Confirmation. Enjoy the pictures :).

thanks, i will! :thumbsup:

Bishop Nicholas Dimarzio administered the Sacrament of Confirmation in accordance with the Traditional Roman Rite at Mater Ecclesiae a few years ago and he did lightly slap the kids receiving the Sacrament- and did it all in accordance with the Traditional Rite.


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