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Okay, I’ve been teaching sign language for free to three age groups of homeschoolers, and we’re nearing the end of our semester. I’ve been teaching them, at the end of every class, how to sign the song Amazing Grace–I used the Chris Tomlin song for so long, and I’ve been purchasing a few songs from iTunes that I plan to use tomorrow in class.

Now, my question is…I want to videotape them signing the song to the music, either tomorrow or at the last day of class party, and then make CDs for each family with the video on there for them to watch. Would that infringe on copyrights/be considered stealing/etc if it’s done to somebody else’s music?
I don’t think it is, but I wanted second opinions…

Now, this is my other question, but I think I know the answer is “yes, it’s stealing” but also, I wanted feedback. If I do the video idea, would it be wrong to also include a “music only” file so they can listen to it and sign along with it at home?

Thanks! Don’t worry if you want to say they’re both sins…I already have ordered ASL pencils and fun erasers to give as “last day” gifts, so I wouldn’t be totally stingy if I couldn’t make the CDs to give away. But I thought it would make a nice gift idea. The kids were all so wonderful!


First, what a gift that you’ve done this for free for these families. :thumbsup:

Second, I don’t think it would be a problem – but I’m not a lawyer. Do you have any friends in the legal profession you could check with?

It sounds like a great gift for the kids, and as long as nobody is making any money from it, I’d think it’s probably OK. Best wishes! :smiley:


Another idea - Amazing Grace is public domain. While there might be copywright issues with using a particular artists recording of Amazing Grace, that does not mean that you cannot use the SONG.

What this means is that you can get someone to play piano (or guitar or flute ) and sing the song while the class signs it and you will be AOK free and clear.

Surely you know someone (or even a school/parish chior) who would be willing to provide the voices? If not, just the kids singing the song without the music behind would be an idea.


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