Question about God and my sinning?


I realize that given the title of this threat, someone might think this topic doesn’t belong in the vocations part of this forum. However I think my sinning and vocation go hand in hand. I believe God is desperately calling me to become a Jesuit. However I have sinned severely and have somewhat continued to sin severely. Do you think God is preventing anything from happening to me because he has me destined for something bigger? And it’s not that I am sinning constantly I am stopping through prayer, but do you think God might be working in me through this way? Thank you.


God will let you know what he wants of you. Try to pray deeply. Asking God for hid guidance. I have a thread going on contemplative prayer. Some great posts in there that might help you.


I will pray for you, that you will discern what it is that God is calling you to be, and how best you will serve Him. God bless you always.


We are all sinners and we are all perfect. God calls us in spite of our imperfections. Continue to repent for your sins in the Sacrament of Confession.

Regarding your call, what is important right now is that you are being receptive to the Lord’s calling. Continue to listen, pray, and discern. Pray that it will be done unto you according to his will.


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