Question about God, the universe & potential of other life (for friendly discussions only)

After speaking with my son-in-law, who listens to SETI radio stations and loves science, but also is a faithful Catholic… our family sat down and threw around some ideas, so hypothesizes that almost make you feel guilty for talking about it - but they’re interesting. If anyone has the Catholic stance on the following subjects, or just has their own personal opinion, I believe it would make for an interesting discussion.

Q1) Do Catholics have a stance on the possibility of other intelligent life that exists outside Earth?

Q2) If other civilizations exist in the universe, would Jesus have appeared to them? …if not, why not?

Q3) If other alien species exist, would they have the opportunity to be saved?

…curiosity, so friendly answers :slight_smile:

I have an old 1968 Baltimore Catechism that actually says it’s possible for there to be life on other planets:

**Lesson 5

51 A. Is it possible that there are intelligent beings created by God on other planets of the universe?**

Yes; it is possible that there are intelligent beings created by God on other planets of the universe, because God’s power is unlimited.

As for whether or not they could be saved or if a Jesus figure appeared to them, I think it would depend on what commandments God had for them and if they broke said commandments. We have original sin because of Adam and Eve’s actions, but alien life might not have made the same mistakes as us. They might already be living in accord with God’s wishes for them.

Interesting…But for this section, how does extraterrestrial life deal with traditional Catholic practices?

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