Question about Gods creation of animals

I was out at work earlier and an employee at one of my stores and I got to talking, she works par time for an animal rescue group. Somehow the topic of religion came up and I told her I had went to catholic school for good part of my education and my family goes to mass every sunday, she asked me if its true God must breathe life into every living thing that is born, I said that is true, the argument began when she asked why a loving God would continue to breathe life into countless dogs and cats, all over the world, when their population is a real problem and leads to alot of suffering on their part, it also leads to alot of heartache for people like her that go out and have to rescue these animals or find a place for them, or euthanize them ultimately. She is a big believer in spay and neuter, as am I.

I had never really thought about it the way she was describing this. It does seem strange God would breathe life into these animals countless times for 10s of 1000s of them, all over the world, when most of them end up being euthanized. I can understand why he breathes life into every human baby that is born, but with animals, it does not make much sense to me, the only thing I could speculate on, was that it is not necessary for God to breathe life into every living thing when it is born…? but that kind of goes against him being the ultimate creator.

Why does it say anything about Him? Their suffering and perceived overpopulation is due in large part to humanity domesticating them and removing them from their natural habitats and predators. That’s humanity’s fault, not God’s. He created them with the ability to birth more; why should he change that just because we screwed up?

Why does he continue to breath life into the ones that are euthanized? Probably because He intends for them to be living, breathing, free animals. WE chose to euthanize them, not Him. Again I ask, why should God change his ways for us? Quite the opposite is true if you ask me.

Your perceived injustice is entirely human in origin. It’s our fault, not His.

Well, by “breathing life”, he is endowing the creature with a soul. Animals, plants, and anything alive each possesses a soul. This is life. Humans have immortal souls, but other creatures have material souls that no longer exist after they die.

And if He didn’t breathe life into them before they were born, they couldn’t exist. Life begins before birth. It, by all appearances, begins at conception, when the zygote is genetically distinct from the parent. They must be alive to continue developing.

God commanded us and all life to “be fruitful, and multiply”. He also gave us free will and sometimes we don’t deal with creation or other things as we should. One could ask why he allows people and animals to be born with defects or to die in utero or to be born only to suffer. Somehow, it’s a part of His plan, and possibly it is to give us the opportunity to practice compassion.

Please define what you mean by breathing life into each animal.

God made all living things to be fruitful and multiply (Genesis 1). That is the nature of all living things, and it is good.

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