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My wife and I are devout church-going Catholics. Our daughter has had a baby and she would like to get the baby baptized. She and her boyfriend do not practice the catholic faith themselves, and do not intend to bring the child up in the faith. My daughter has a concern that if she’s not going to bring the child up in the catholic faith, is it morally right to have him baptized? Thanks for your replies.


The child should be baptized only if the parent has the intention of raising the child in the faith, this is what the parent promises during the baptism. My question is why would the mother want a baptism in the first place? Morality of something depends on intent, act and circumstances. Here the intent is wrong the act good and I do not know the circumstances thus the action is immoral. Tell her to sitndown with a priest and to be very honest about the whole thing, probably this child is here to bring her back to the faith.


If there is no intent - at this time - to raise the child in the Catholic faith - I suggest an alternative. Most Christian mainline denominations have valid Baptisms. Many of them will baptize a baby without the commitment of bringing up the child in that set of beliefs. If Baptism is your daughter’s desire - maybe due to her upbringing - guide her through this.

Is this the best? Maybe not…however it may be the best given the situation.

Promise prayers.


Ouch, I am sorry to hear this. It is sad when a parent has no intention of bringing a child up in the Catholic faith. :(

Do not listen to the above poster who recommended that she go to another denomination to have the baby baptized. If your daughter has no intention of bringing the child up in the Faith, then the baby should not be baptized at all. Baptism must bear fruit. If there is no hope the baptism will bear fruit, then baptism should not occur.

I strongly recommend that your daughter talks to a priest. Like Cristiano mentioned, this child could bring your daughter back into the Faith.


Hmmm. Interesting.

Baptism is very important. What is to come of the soul of the unbaptised. I would imagine this is the pc. that your daughter is concerned about. Assuming she’s concerned at all. Unless of course she just thinks the “thing” to do.

I would also recommend the meeting with a priest. And I wonder, would she and her boyfriend allow you to expose the child to the Catholic faith? May you take the child to church? May you arrange for Catholic teachings? Would they allow you to fulfil the obligation to raising the child properly. Let’s face it. Many Catholics fail to truly bring their children up in the faith. At least she’s honest with the amount of effort she’s willing to put forth. But would she stop it?

God Bless…


The first thing to do is have your daughter speak to the priest about the Baptism. You can offer to go with her if that would make her feel more comfortable. He will explain that when you Baptize a child, you are committing to raise her in the faith and all that entails. I’m not sure about the idea of sending her to a denomination with “looser rules”. While I agree that it is better to be Baptized then to be unBaptized, an awful lot can go wrong with that plan. I think it best to go to the priest first. Perhaps he can find out exactly why your daughter doesn’t want to raise her child in the faith and start a conversation that will bring her back to the Church.


This question brings back memories.


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