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At what age should a person be taught about inappropriate touching? I admit that I am not quite certain if this thread should belong in the Moral Theology sub-forum.


Do not know....I imagine one would in a very careful way get it across that the Child should report anything out of the ordinary...(the Diocese can have more precise info here--they have programs etc).

Also be sure to read this document from the Church on the subject of education of the young on matters of the birds and bees -- and when and how....

Scroll down to:

The Truth and Meaning of Human Sexuality (1995)


I’ve talked to my four year old about the concept of private parts.


I would suggest you work with your diocesan safe environment coordinator and review the materials they provide for training of catechists and any lesson plans they provide for age appropriate conversations.


My parish starts teaching safe environment in the preschool catechism class.


Are you a parent asking about your own children? I was very vague about why, but explained some areas are private, and the children should not show them to people really early on (back when they practiced taking off their clothes wherever!) then moved on to these areas being private for parents, nurses and doctors (health reasons), and eventually if they married for their spouses. I just delineated as areas covered by swim suits (boys) or bikinis (girls). And if anyone tried to touch those areas, they weren't to let them and they were supposed to tell me.


I was taught in elementary school, I believe.

Yea I think it’s good to start early. There are a lot of sickos out there. You can never be too careful. :sad_yes:

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