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Tonight I was the Thurifer for Benediction of the Blessed sacrament. TOnight I had a bit of a problem…during stoking our priest got a little carried away with the incence. When he finished with the incence I am to kneel at the foot of the altar with the thurible and hold his while he prepares for the blessing. I decided it would be best for me to swing it while kneeling. I still about sufforcated from the smoke. Any tips on how to avoid another near death experience?

Bring a gas mask to mass next time?

I am thurifer at a Tridentine Mass. Needless to say, both Father and myself agree that there is no such thing as too much incense :D.

If a great amount of incense bothers you, dont swing the thurible unless it is necessary. Hold the end of the chain against your chest with your left hand, and hold the other end near the lid with your right hand away from you. Short, shallow breaths would help too.

Try holding the thurible to your right side so that the smoke does not come up in your face. You can swing it forward and back and not side to side.

And the reason you swing it is not to make more smoke but to keep the coals hot so that when you are censing you have smoke. There is nothing more deplorable than someone censing and no smoke coming out of the thurible because the coals have gone cold.


Trust me there was no problem with not having enough smoke.It was a three alarm fire inside that Thurible.

Don’t swing the incense. Really, it should only be swung at the times when the rubric of the Mass calls for it. Usually, this is done by the Priest or a Deacon. The only time I can think when someone else would do it is in a procession, and in that case, you’d be incensing a Consecrated Eucharist.

Doesn’t the thurifer incense the people after the Prayers over the Gifts and before the Lavabo? That’s how it happens at my parish?And to incense the priest if there is no deacon?

And doesn’t the server swing the thurible during the entrance and closing processions a little?

I think better to swing a little even if not rubrical than to have the poor guy pass out from the fumes!!!

Tell the priest to use Orthodox Incense!. Less choking!!. Smells allot better to. Here is a good link

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Sounds like the altar boy stories my husband tells, and still likes to laugh about.

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