Question about indulgences


I have a couple of questions about them! First off; for one I’m not a catholic but am drawn to it! And have been doing many different prayers daily along with the rosary aiming any good that comes from any of these to the souls in purgatory…I also confess any sins or what I consider sins to the Lord before I start and do the sacramental beads prayer
(It is supposedly for when one cant get to a mass or cofession???)

I know that I dont meet most of what is needed from what I"ve read to gain fully but…am I doing any good here? I’ve had a friend of the family whose catholic take all my sacrements to be blessed (Rosaries, scapulars etc) but am still concerned.

Also, when doing the prayers I’ve been having trouble with running out of breathe and going hoarse do they count if I do them mentally? I spend quite some time in prayer and want to make sure Im not sabatoging them and myself!

And when doing chaplets that come with indulgences…
(several say like "300 days indulgence when done once a day) does that count against any of the others said or only for that one chaplet? Im probably phrasing this all wrong! :blush:

I just felt this is one thing I can do for God since I’m unable to do anything else but I have plenty of private time to devote to Him and to pray but Im still easily worried Im gotten it wrong…any advice? A confused, charismatic pentacostal, rosary making idjet :o :smiley:


Indulgences cannot be obtained by one who is not yet a Catholic…but keep praying and even “without moving your lips” :slight_smile:

(and the 300 days thing is not current…it is “plenary and partial”)


I am an elderly man who has COPD and has Diabetes. Because of these conditions I suffer from a shortness of breath and have a chronicly dry mouth.With reguards to your mouth becoming dry and getting out of breath while praying the Rosary, why not try something I do. Immediately before reciting the Rosary, I put a Halls metholated drop into my mouth. It keeps my mouth moist and keeps me from getting short of breath. Try it, I very well may work for you.


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