Question about iPod and iTunes accounts

Santa brough DD an iPod touch and so now I have inherited her Nano.

She is all set up on her iTunes account with her new Touch, but we don’t know how to set up a new account for me for the Nano.

We do not want to share the same playlists. :nope: :smiley:

Does anybody know how to do this?

You don’t have to have the same playlists. DH has an iPod and I’ve got one too and I use my account, I just make sure I don’t have the settings set to automatically sync everything. That way I can pick and choose. But if you really want to have your own account on one computer and one iTunes do the following:

  1. Make sure all accounts are signed out (you’ll know they are by it saying “Sign In” in the upper right corner above the iTunes Store screen.
  2. Once that is done, clock on store, create account, and in a few, you should have your own account!
  3. Each time just make sure the correct account is signed it and that it is not set to automatically sync just to be on the safe side.

All that should work!

Does anybody know if you can open an iTunes acct w/an iTunes gift card instead of a credit card?

Here are some various choices from apple: Here

:yup: Looks like you can. See directions here. You will have to scroll down a bit to where it says “I want to create an account with my card, but don’t want to enter a credit card.”

Thanks Karen, so even though this particular iPod Nano has already been set up on an iTunes account (and has since been replaced with an iPod Touch) , I can now take the Nano and open a brand new account with it as if it were new… right? The Nano won’t be looking for the other account?

(I’m just afraid of wiping out the existing account and playlists. That would mean $$$ down the drain and one very irritated teenager!!)

Hey…I have a question…I will be getting a ipod classic 80GB tomorrow…I will be able to simply download stuff from my computer to it, right? Hope so, I have much Fr. Corapi, Fultan Sheen etc that I want on it…

Most likely, yes. I would guess that they are all in mp3 format (just look at the name of the file, it should end in .mp3). If so, then all you will have to do is install itunes and import them into itunes. From there, it will automatically sync to you ipod. :thumbsup:

Cool…thanks for that…yep, they are all in mp3…

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