Question about Irish priest fable


I am trying to find the origin of a story I have heard many times over the years. Just a fun fable I am researching the history on. Any help is appreciated! :-)

I have heard several variations but the basic story goes like this.

There once was a tough Irishman, known for his quick wit and his short temper. He had a storied career as a prizefighter. He was eventually called into the priesthood and gave up his hard living ways.

Once, on his way to a neighboring town, he was approached by a thug. The man grabbed the priest and threw him to the ground. When the priest stood up, the man punched him in the face and knocked the priest down again.

The priest gathered his wits and climbed back to his feet and stuck his chin out to the other direction exposing "the other cheek". Laughing, the thug punched the priest in his other jaw, again knocking him to the ground.

Once again, the priest gathered his wits and slowly rose to his feet. Only this time he began to take off his coat and roll up his sleeves.

"What's wrong with you old man? Haven't you had enough?"

The priest the replied, "The Blessed Lord only asked that I turn my cheek one time, which I have done. Now you're gonna get the a-- kicking of your life!"


:rotfl: :rotfl: :rotfl:

Thanks for the laughs! I'm sorry I can't help with any history on the story.


I just sent it to my very Irish Priest. :smiley:


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