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Ok, my bro asked me this, how is it we can believe in Jesus christ when all we have is the Bible, which was made by man. We dont have the nails that went through his hands, the thorns that were on his head, his garments, or nothing like that. How do we know he is a true man and not made by man? Please, anyhtring will help.


We don’t just have the Bible. We have Faith to help us believe and Tradition passed on to us from the apostles who were with Jesus. For instance, you may have a photo album of past relatives, but there weren’t always photos. Some of your own family history was probably passed down through generations by word of mouth. The Bible may have human errors such as typo’s, but all that is written in it is inspired by God. Also I do believe that there are relics with pieces of the true cross from which Jesus was crucified.


There are fragments of the Holy Cross, originally discovered by St. Helen, the mother of Constantine, in many places. I have seen the one kept for veneration at St. Michael’s Cathedral in Toronto, Ontario, Canada.

St. Veronica wiped the face of Jesus with her veil, which is preserved in the Vatican city. See Veronica’s Veil

The Holy Father has spoken, at Turin (1998) , of the Holy Shroud (Shroud of Turin) , which bears the impression of a crucified man, which is believed by many to be Jesus.


We don’t have the knife that killed Julius Caesar, his garments, etc. How do we know he really lived?


Hi Ryan,

 Most scholars do not dispute the fact that Jesus was actually here on earth.  There are writings about him that came from non-Christian sources (i.e. Josephus) that testify to his life and crucifixion.  In other words, these writers had no particular love for Christ, and therefore had no reason to make up stories.

I myself have seen, in a Church in Rome, (Santa Croce en Gerusalemme), a nail that is said to be from the crucifixion, and part of the placard that Pilate ordered to be nailed above Christ's head on the cross.   There are other relics pertaining to Jesus scattered all around the world, if one cares to look for them.  They are real, concrete items.  ***But,*** none of these relics alone can give a person faith in God, nor in His Son, sent from heaven.  For a person who already has faith, a chance to view these relics is a beautiful experience.

 Ryan, my advice to you is to pray for your brother to open his heart to God.  His questions to you seem negative, but they just may be a sign that he is actually thinking about God!  See if he is open to reading a book written by a scientist, making the case for God.  "The Creator and the Cosmos" by Hugh Ross helped my technical-thinking husband a great deal.  Mr. Ross is not Catholic, but it is on the whole a good book.

 May the Holy Spirit lead both you and your brother right to the place you should be!

Brenda M


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