Question about John Salza's website

Does anyone know if John Salza’s website is still up and running, or if he perhaps changed the URLs on his articles?

None of his articles beginning with “” seem to be working. I use them a lot, and wondered what the situation might be.

Anyone know what’s up?

Log onto John’s site, then click on “Scripture/Fathers.” Now try to access any of the articles listed there. They don’t work, at least not for me.

Wonder if John is even aware of this.

I just tried exactly what you said. Doesn’t work for me either.

Type any of the old URLs into the Wayback Machine url box at It will present you with archived editions of all those pages.

How strange. When I click on Scripture/Fathers, I go to that page just fine. But if I click on anything there, it doesn’t go anywhere.

The links work okay for me.

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